Classic Hikes and Adventurous Treks in the Nepalese Himalaya

Trekking Holidays and Expeditions across Nepal

Nepal. It’s a name that evokes imagination and wonder. Home to the greatest mountain range in the world, Nepal is a world-class trekking destination. From beginner hikers to professionals, for families and for bucket lists, Nepal offers so much!

Group of trekkers in the Nepalese Himalaya

Classic Treks vs. Adventure Treks

We’ve classified our Nepal treks into two categories: Adventure Treks and Classic Treks.

Our Adventure Treks take you beyond the beaten path, away from the crowds and into remote valleys.

Our Classic Treks are tried, tested and trusted treks that epitomise what trekking is all about.

Scroll down to find the right trek for you.

Adventure Treks of Nepal

Classic Treks



Tailor-made treks and tour extensions


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