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Map Reading Course
Navigation is a skill that once learned is useful for life. We navigate through new cities, drive across the country or go out walking in the countryside. The modern technology of satellite navigation that we have learnt to rely on should be backed up by traditional map and compass skills. After all, batteries run out.

The transferable skills learnt through learning to navigate are incredibly useful for those in corporate, team and school environments. These could be a number of skills such as: practical map reading, time keeping, leadership, communication and team work.

We will provide all of the navigation equipment required.


A popular option with schools is a morning of teaching traditional navigation with a map and compass. Followed up with an afternoon spent completing team based orienteering challenges. This is a lot of fun but is also highly challenging. It rewards them for achievements and keeps them active while they use their brains to finish tasks. The tasks can be based on team building or we can tailor them to suit a number of curriculum subjects. We also offer the Young Navigator Star Award course at all levels.

Upon request we can design and create an orienteering course on your school grounds on a temporary or permanent basis. Contact us here to find out more or read more about our activities for schools.


If you are looking to organise Adventure Training activities for a cadet unit, our navigation, map reading and orienteering courses are an ideal place to start. We specialise in organising full day, weekend and full week activity sessions dedicated to cadet training. Other activities may include caving, climbing, gorge walking, water sports and more. Our guides will help train cadets to map read before engaging in a full-day expedition with camp crafting in the evening. We can organise this in many locations including near any UK Armed Forces base.

Find out more about our sessions for cadets here.

National Navigation Award Scheme

National Navigation Award Scheme
We provide National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS) courses to Gold Level and the Young Navigator Star Award. The awards are for those wanting to learn how to be self sufficient and skilled in the techniques of navigation.The award starts at Bronze where no previous experience is necessary, to Silver then Gold.

You can enter the Award Scheme at any level, dependent on your level of experience. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about NNAS or are interested in booking a NNAS course.

Corporate and Teams

The level of ability to map read in a group of adults will differ hugely based on that participants past experience. We will begin the session with a short lesson on navigating, teaching everybody the nuts and bolts of navigation. It will then be up to your team to work together to get from the start of the course, via the team team tasks at the checkpoints and to the finish line. This promises to be a fun and challenging activity, with lots of learning.
These activities can be run all year round in outdoor locations from the wilderness of the North York Moors, Yorkshire Dales or Peak District to your school or workplace grounds.
Read more about our corporate team building events


If you are interested in a navigation course for yourself or a group of friends, we can offer you a variety of options.

We run taster navigation courses where we will introduce you to the basics of map and compass skills, timing and using the environment. These are perfect to get you started with navigation and will allow you to progress in your own time.

If you want to brush up on your navigation, we can offer bespoke refresher courses to get you back out into the hills, feeling confident about your ability to plan and find your way. We can cover a variety of skills and techniques or we can assess your skills and come up with an action plan for you.
Contact us to find out more.

The Awards

Bronze NNAS Award – navigation in the countryside using paths tracks and other linear features, basic map interpretation and compass work is included. For full syllabus of the Bronze NNAS Award click here

Silver NNAS Award – navigation in the countryside using skills acquired at bronze level and adding skills required to navigate to features and places some distance from paths and tracks, accurate compass work is required and an ability to use appropriate navigational techniques to go across country in some cases, eg. choosing an appropriate attack point. For full syllabus of the Silver NNAS Award click here

Gold NNAS Award – navigation in the countryside using skills of the first two levels, but adding techniques and skills for dealing with complex contour features large and small. The Gold Award is delivered as separate Gold Award Training and Gold Award Assessment courses. For full syllabus of the Gold NNAS Award click here

Young Navigator Star Award (YNSA)

The focus of the Young Navigator awards is to encourage exploration and journeying in local areas using simple maps such as street maps, pictorial park maps and orienteering maps. There is a gradual learning progression via One Star (bronze), Two Star (silver) and Three Star (gold) levels with certificates and badges available for achieving candidates.

The awards are aimed at all age groups and abilities. The Young Navigator Star courses are fantastic for youngsters to actively learn outside the classroom, and the Gold level is often used as a lead-in for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award.

For more information on the syllabus for the Young Navigator Star Award click here


Full Day of Private Navigation Training

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School and Youth Groups Prices from £25
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Children under 18 and older than 5 are most welcome to join us but please let us know when booking how many and what ages they are. We have no upper age limit, as long as you have the determination and a sense of adventure!

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