Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Lost Earth Adventures’ tours and treks to Nepal, Thailand and Laos and information regarding our UK activities. Further details and assurances about your financial protection when booking with Lost Earth Adventures.

Can I get a client Recommendation or testimonial?

Of course! We’d be happy to provide you with a list of client names and references. Simply email us and ask or read feedback we have been given on our reviews page.

Can I opt out of certain activities if I want to?

Of course! At Lost Earth Adventures we would never wish for you to undertake any activity that you feel uncomfortable doing. Your trip leader may be able to help you make any specific alternative arrangements but you should notify us at the time of booking. Please feel free to contact us to talk about any problems, changes and extra activities you may wish to partake in prior to booking or reserving a place on one of our tours. Please bear in mind that any additional activities that are not included in your original itinerary are as an extra and are not included in the cost of the trip.

Is Lost Earth Adventures financially secure?


Please see our page that describes your 100% financial protection when booking a trip with us.

How difficult is the trek on my trip?

Our tours are designed for anyone in good health with normal levels of fitness however, some of our itineraries are more physically demanding than others. Before booking, we recommend that you check out the trip grading that applies to the trip you are considering and make your own judgement according to your fitness levels. Trip grading can be found on your trip dossier. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. No special skills are required for most of our adventures.

How do I obtain the trip dossier for full details of my trip?

Detailed Trip Notes are available and can be found on the Trip Overview page of your chosen tour. There is a link to your trip dossier. You will be able to find the full dossier, itinerary, list of included activities and information on what to pack. For more information about the countries you will visit, please refer to the country profiles.

Is it possible to make any changes to the itinerary of my group trip?

Sometimes. You can join or leave a trip earlier or later than the group and also take some side trips but please talk to us first about logistics. We can arrange hotels of all budgets and all sorts of excursions. We do also create tailor made holidays to suit your budget and requirements. Please either contact us on 01904 500094 or see our page on tailor made itineraries.

While on my group trip can I add in an extra night en route?

You can add extra days to your trip at the beginning or end but you cannot change the itinerary of the group trip.

What is included in the trip price?

You can find all details of what is and isn’t included in your trip price in the trip dossier of your chosen tour. This is available as a PDF for you to download, print off or view on your computer. The trip dossier can be found on the trip overview page of your chosen tour. The dossier will also include information on the following:

  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Sightseeing
  • Meals
  • Services provided by the group leader
  • Optional activities
  • Personal expenses
  • Currency information, how much you should take in traveller’s cheques/cash and what payment and money access facilities there will be


The standard of accommodation we use can vary from excellent 4 Star hotels to basic, high mountain huts. We always try to choose comfortable accommodation with local character, although in some areas this may not meet Western standards and sometimes in mountain huts (teahouses) only dormitory accommodation may be available. This is all part of the experience of an adventure holiday and a flexible approach is required. Hotel accommodation is based on twin occupancy, of the same sex. If you book on your own we will arrange for you to share with a person of the same gender. If you book with your friend or partner you will share with them… unless you don’t want to!

No compulsory single supplements

You will only be charged a single supplement if you specifically request a single room. These prices are available on the ‘Dates and Prices’ page of your tour.

What is ‘land only price’

‘land only price’ means that flights are not included.

Optional single rooms or tents

Single hotel rooms and single tents are available for many of our trips, please check the ‘Dates and Prices’ page on the specific trip for costs.

Triple rooms

Please feel free to contact us and we will try our best, whenever it is possible to accommodate for this, however in some instances it will not be possible outside the city hotels that we stay in.

Are there western toilets available?

Some trips have regular access to western toilets while others don’t. As a general rule, the more remote the place the less likely you are to find western bathroom facilities. All our hotels and guesthouses we use in the cities and towns are of good comfortable standard with attached western bathrooms.

Am I an adventure traveller?

This is a very important question! Off the beaten path adventure travel can be demanding, both physically and mentally as you will experience and encounter many different cultures and attitudes that will vary greatly from what you may have experienced before. Our tours are well organised and offer a high quality of service, but this does not negate the fact that it is still adventure travel. A flexible approach to travel, a good sense of humour, ability to go with the flow but to follow the advice and instructions of your Trip Leader and a desire to get involved is important, and will help to maximise your enjoyment of your adventure holiday. In the countries that we visit, sometimes things do not go quite to plan. Whilst your Trip Leader will be experienced enough to manage the situation and your expectations, it is helpful before you arrive if you accept that no matter how hard we try, sometimes things just don’t go to plan.

Am I a Lost Earth Adventures Traveller?

Lost Earth Adventures tours are for travellers with a yearning to get off the beaten track. Whether you’re travelling solo or with a group of friends, aged 18 or 70, you are welcome to travel with us. Each trip has a grading applied to it to let you know how physically demanding it is so please check your trip dossier for further details and advice. The types of trips we run are for people from all ages and walks of life and these people are brought together with a common interest: adventure travel off the beaten path, exploration and a desire to see things that they wouldn’t normally see or experience in other tour packages. This means that are clients naturally get on. We usually find that our trips are so exciting that everybody’s spirits are high and that most people leave our tours having made life long friends. No special skills are required for most adventures, just a sense of adventure and a curiosity about the world!

Who will be my leader?

This completely depends on which tour you want to book. The one thing that can be guaranteed is that your Trip Leader will have been chosen on the basis of his or her experience in the countries that you visit, the activities that you partake in and their leadership skills. To describe our Trip Leaders in a phrase, it would be professional adventurers with a lot of experience and knowledge. Lost Earth Adventures tours are led by both Western leaders who not only have a passion for the country that you will be visiting, but in most cases, started off as independent travellers themselves and local people who now work with Lost Earth Adventures and know their own country, its cultures and its language like the back of their hand. All have been carefully selected by Lost Earth Adventures based on their knowledge, experience, sense of adventure and desire to show you beyond the surface of the country itself and to offer you the chance to experience the very best of what it has to offer. Essentially, your Trip Leader will be the person that Lost Earth Adventures deems to work best for the destination, trip and the activities on offer. If you require more information please look at our guide profiles or please feel free to give us a call and we will be more than happy to tell you about the amazing people who work for us. All Lost Earth Adventures groups are accompanied by a professional western leader, and sometimes accompanied by a local guide. Lost Earth Adventures also operates in country with a local crew of drivers, cooks, porters and other appropriate staff. We only appoint leaders who have consistently demonstrated that they can meet the high standards expected by us and by our clients. Some of our tours will have more than one leader, depending on group size, availability and the activities on offer.

When will I meet my trip leader?

In most instances, you will meet your Trip Leader at the arrival and starting point of your tour.

How many people will be on my trip?

Please check the Trip Dossier to find out your group size. Information on our minimum group size can be found on the ‘Dates and Prices’ page for your trip on our website.

Should I tip?

Tipping is commonplace in most parts of the world and there will be some incidences on your tour when you will be expected to tip. In other instances, due to cultural differences it could be considered impolite to tip a person. Please refer to your Trip Dossier as it provides a general guide to recommended tipping amounts. Whilst on tour your Trip Leader will be able to offer advice on when to tip and how much to tip.

Can I bring my 12-year-old son or daughter with me?

It depends on the trip. Please contact us before booking and we can discuss whether it would be suitable for them.

I am 75. Can I still take part in a Lost Earth Adventures tour?

Yes you can! We do not impose an upper age limit on any of our trips, however, we do require those over the age of 70 to read and understand the trip grading for your particular trip and make your own decisions accordingly as most of our trips involve a lot of physical excursion.

What is the weather expected to be like in my chosen destination at the time I would like to travel?

We do our very best at Lost Earth Adventures to ensure our trips run during the most pleasant seasons to visit a country. More detailed weather and climate information can be found on our country profile pages and the individual trip dossiers.

What to pack, suitcase rather than a back pack?

We strongly advise that you do not bring a suitcase, as they are bulky and difficult to carry and can be difficult to secure on trains etc. While your trip may not involve carrying your bags for any great distance, we would still recommend that you bring a backpack and a day bag as some of our activities will not require that you bring all of your personal items with you.

What to pack?

This is a very frequently asked question, but of course it depends entirely on your destination, the season you are travelling in and the activities that you will be undertaking. Please note that there are specific packing lists on your trip dossier which will help you know what to pack and you will be emailed a concise kit list after booking.

Can I store excess luggage at the starting point hotel?

Yes there is always storage available at the hotels. It is however at your own risk so we don’t advise leaving valuables.

Do I need a sleeping bag?

On some trips you will not, others you will. Please check your kit list on the trip dossier. On some trips sleeping bags are available to rent, that information is also available on the trip dossier.

Are flights included?

The prices you see on our website and in our brochures are quoted as ‘land only’. We recognise that everybody has different airline preferences and may choose to book their international flight with their travel agent, directly with an airline or via an online site. We offer some advice on buying flight tickets here. If you want us to find the cheapest deal for you then we are more than happy to ring around ATOL licensed operators to find you a suitable flight. We would like to help you as much as we can so that your booking process is as effortless as possible for you.

If we take an internal flight on a tour you will have to pay for it locally; all details are available on the ‘Dates and Prices’ page for your chosen tour.

Complimentary airport transfers on all our trips

You book a tour with us, and when the trip is advertised as guaranteed to run you can buy your flight ticket. You let us know what time your flight will arrive and we will come to pick you up free of charge from the airport. We also transfer you to the airport on the day of departure as well. You must be arriving on the start or finish date of the tour to get a complimentary transfer. If you arrive on different dates we can arrange a pick up for you but it will be at your own cost usually around £15 each way to the airport in Kathmandu or Bangkok.

How do I go about making a booking?

You can book your tour online, over the telephone or arrange to meet us in person, or through a travel agent. Please refer to the bookings page for a list of all our tours with dates.

Can I get a discount if I am booking two trips together?

If you book 2 trips at once you will get a 5% discount off of the lowest priced tour. If you are a returning customer to Lost Earth Adventures we will give you a 5% Loyalty Discount. If you book the same trip for 4 people at once you get 5% off the total price and you will get 1% more discount for every person above that. For example, 5 people 6%, 6 people 7% and so on.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, you do. Please see our Terms and Conditions for travel insurance requirements. And see here for advice on where to purchase travel insurance.


Visa requirements will vary for different nationalities depending on the countries you will be visiting. We recommend that you either use a visa service, or consult with each country’s consulate or embassy for the latest information, well in advance of travel. Obtaining the correct visas is your responsibility and if you don’t have the correct visas and documentation you may miss out on all or part of your tour and the tour will not be delayed as a result of this. Visa requirements are stated on your trip dossier but they can change at short notice.

Do I need an Indian visa if I fly to Nepal via India?

If your baggage has been checked all the way through to Kathmandu then you do not need an Indian visa. However if you are collecting baggage and do not have a through flight then you will need an India Visa, even if you are not leaving the airport. We or a visa service agent or relevant embassy/consulate can provide further information. Generally if you buy a plane ticket from London to Kathmandu you will not need a visa for any countries that you stop in.

I am concerned about the political stability of the country through which my trip will travel

So are we! And as a result we will keep up to date with any information relating to the country we aim to be visiting. We follow the advice issued by the relevant consulates and our staff and friends in country, as well as paying attention to a variety of different media. Should relevant consulates/embassies deem the area unsafe and/or our staff then trips will be cancelled in order to minimise risks to our groups. It may also be necessary to alter itineraries and be flexible in country should the political situation change whilst we are there and in the unlikely occurrence of this, we would ask you to remain patient, and flexible and to assist your Trip Leader wherever possible. Please also keep up to date and informed with destination travel advisories as issued by your government’s foreign affairs department.

Will refrigeration be available for medicines? E.g Insulin

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that refrigeration will always be available. The places that we travel to are off the beaten path and are sometimes in remote locations. What’s more, in many of the countries that we visit, the availability of electricity cannot be relied upon as power cuts occur frequently. Phone us for individual trip details.

What medical requirements are there?

For detailed recommendations please refer to your Trip Dossier and the Terms and Conditions. However, please bear in mind that we are not professionally qualified to give specific advice. Please consult with your doctor, dentist and/or optician before your departure and let them know all of the activities you will be doing and the countries that you will be doing it in. It is your obligation to let us know of any medical requirement(s) or condition(s) that may affect you and your fellow travellers safety and/or enjoyment whilst on tour with us.


Vaccination requirements vary for each destination. Whilst we are able to give you advice, we are not medical professionals and are not able to give you specific advice. We recommend that you consult with your local GP and travel clinic and to seek professional advice from your doctor, travel nurse or medical centre before you travel. Please take a copy of your itinerary with you and make your appointment well before you intend to travel as some vaccinations require a course given on different dates over a set period of time, and you will not be considered vaccinated until you have completed the full course.

Special requests

We will try our best to meet any demands within reason. We are on a rough and ready type adventure tour but if there is something special that you are after it is worth asking us as and we will try our very best!

Lost Earth Adventures events

Do Lost Earth Adventures have events/slideshow nights that I can attend?
Please refer to our Blog for information on upcoming events, see our Facebook page or sign up to our newsletter here

Our charity

The Share the Load Foundation is our charity that provides clothing, equipment and sunglasses to people who live high in the Himalayas that suffer from cataracts due to the intense sun and also have poor clothing to protect themselves from the extreme environments. We also support the Mandali school in Beluwa school. For more information about our charity work click here.

Do you cater for special diets?

The same allergies and intolerances that exist here also exist in other parts of the world. Your trip leader will help you learn to speak the words to describe your dietary needs wherever you may be. It would be wise if you have a specific diet to buy a decent phrase book that has a dictionary in English and also written in local script with a pronunciation guide.

Is it possible to rent equipment for a Lost Earth Adventures tour?

Sometimes! Read the kit list of your trip dossier to see what you need and what is available to rent from us.

I want to relax. Can I do that on tour?

Our group tours are of course adventure orientated, but we also appreciate that you have chosen to spend your holiday with us, and therefore there is free time on all of our tours. Some of the days may be long, and there may be some early mornings, but many of the evenings will be free for you to relax, spend some time exploring on your own, or just spend time with the group and get to know people a bit better.

Isn’t independent travel cheaper?

Whilst you may think that independent travel is cheaper, in reality it doesn’t often work out so and requires a lot more effort and time including preparing your own itinerary, booking your own transport and accommodation. Our itineraries are designed by adventure travel experts and will ensure that you experience a level of quality that you may not be able to experience for yourself. We will show you some of the major highlights of your chosen destination and many of the off the beaten track wonders that you’ve always wanted to see. You will have the benefit of a tour leader who has spent a lot of time in the countries that we visit and has a lot of experience with the activities that we offer. Your tour leader will take care of logistics so that from when you arrive at your destination and meeting point, your trip will run smoothly and hassle free, allowing you to enjoy the activities on offer and the opportunity to relax. We aim to give you the best, show you the best so that all of the hassle and logistics of planning a holiday are taken care of for you. All you have to do is show up, relax and have the adventure of a lifetime!

I’m travelling alone?

Although it is guaranteed that some people will travel on our tours with friends or partners, many people choose to travel on their own, especially with adventure travel suiting the independent traveller. You will not really be travelling on your own. You will be travelling with likeminded people who are looking for the same experiences. In most instances you will leave having made friends for life!

What happens if I get sick?

Your Trip Leader and guides will be on hand and fully briefed on what to do in the unlikely event that you get sick. We recommend that you carry an appropriate medical kit, and our guides will have a fully stocked first aid kit and will know the procedures for making sure that if needed, you get appropriate medical care. All our leaders are first aid trained and are very experienced in third world, remote and high altitude illnesses. Your leader will have vast knowledge of the area that you in and we have been using the same hotels and restaurants for years.

What about Lost Earth Adventures’ environmental impact?

Please see our page on responsible tourism.

I am worried about going to high altitude what do I need to know?

Many of our tours offer the opportunity to visit high altitude areas. Altitude can affect anyone. Age, level of fitness and strength is no indication of how well you will cope with altitude. The best weapon you have against the altitude is to gain height slowly and to drink plenty of water. All of our itineraries allow ample time to acclimatize and our guides that work at altitude are highly trained and experienced. We recommend that everyone read our PDF on travel at high altitude.

Have a question we haven’t answered yet?

Please see your trip dossier for specific information about your booking, or contact us.

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