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Frequently Asked Questions About Trekking Holidays

Are There Places to Charge Electronics?

Yes, almost every day, except at high passes but the power can be unreliable in remote areas. You will get power about 50% of the time but if you are really worried please bring either spare batteries or an external back up battery.

I’m Worried About Going to High Altitude

All of our itineraries allow ample time to acclimatise and our guides that work at altitude are highly trained and experienced. We recommend that everyone read our article on travelling at high altitude.

Is the Water Safe to Drink?

In the cities we recommend bottled water. In the mountains we recommend that you use a water bottle with a built in filter such as the Water to Go bottle or use another form of water purification such as a Steri Pen or purification tablets. We don’t encourage you to drink from bottled water in the mountains as the water from the mountain streams is fine to drink if purified and the plastic bottles get buried in the mountains, damaging the eco-system.

Where Do I Change My Money?

Either at the airport or right outside your hotel. The rates are similar and there is plenty of places to go. We’d suggest you do it the first chance you get at the airport to save any problems later on.

Can I Arrive at any Time on my Flight?

Yes! This is no problem. We have clients arriving at all hours. We will always come to pick you up from the airport.

Should I bring Trekking Poles

It’s up to you. Some people like them and some don’t. They take pressure off your knees but they add clutter and the handles harbour bacteria. They are good for chasing off yaks though!

Can I get a client Recommendation or testimonial?

Of course! We’d be happy to provide you with a list of client names and references. Simply email us and ask or read feedback we have been given on our reviews page.

Can I opt out of Certain Activities If I want to?

Of course! At Lost Earth Adventures we would never wish for you to undertake any activity that you feel uncomfortable doing. Your trip leader may be able to help you make any specific alternative arrangements but please notify us at the time of booking. Please feel free to contact us to talk about any problems, changes and extra activities you may wish to partake in.

Is Lost Earth Adventures financially secure?


Please see our page that describes your 100% financial protection when booking a trip with us.

Is it Possible to Make Changes to the Itinerary of my Group Trip?

Sometimes. You can join or leave a trip earlier or later than the group and also take some side trips but please talk to us first about logistics. We can arrange hotels of all budgets and all sorts of excursions. We do also create tailor made holidays to suit your budget and requirements. Please either contact us on 01904 500094 or see our page on tailor made itineraries.

No Compulsory Single Supplements

You will only be charged a single supplement if you specifically request a single room. These prices are available on the ‘Dates and Prices’ page of your tour.

What is ‘land only price’

Land only price means that flights are not included.

Optional single rooms or tents

Single hotel rooms and single tents are available for many of our trips, please check the ‘Dates and Prices’ section on the specific trip for costs.

Triple Rooms

Please feel free to contact us and we will try our best, whenever it is possible to accommodate for this, however in some instances it will not be possible outside the city hotels that we stay in.

Are There Western Toilets Available?

Some trips have regular access to western toilets while others don’t. As a general rule, the more remote the place the less likely you are to find western bathroom facilities. All our hotels and guesthouses we use in the cities and towns are of good comfortable standard with attached western bathrooms.

Am I an Adventure Traveller?

This is a very important question! Off the beaten path adventure travel can be demanding, both physically and mentally as you will experience and encounter many different cultures and attitudes that will vary greatly from what you may have experienced before. Our tours are well organised and offer a high quality of service, but this does not negate the fact that it is still adventure travel. A flexible approach to travel, a good sense of humour, ability to go with the flow but to follow the advice and instructions of your Trip Leader and a desire to get involved is important, and will help to maximise your enjoyment of your adventure holiday. In the countries that we visit, sometimes things do not go quite to plan. Whilst your Trip Leader will be experienced enough to manage the situation and your expectations, it is helpful before you arrive if you accept that no matter how hard we try, sometimes things just don’t go to plan.

Am I a Lost Earth Adventures Traveller?

Lost Earth Adventures tours are for travellers with a yearning to get off the beaten track. Whether you’re travelling solo or with a group of friends, aged 18 or 80, you are welcome to travel with us. Each trip has a grading applied to it to let you know how physically demanding it is so please check your trip dossier for further details and advice. The types of trips we run are for people from all ages and walks of life and these people are brought together with a common interest: Adventure travel beyond the beaten path, exploration, and a desire to see things that they wouldn’t normally see or experience in other tour packages. This means that our clients naturally get on. We usually find that our trips are so exciting that everybody’s spirits are high and that most people leave our tours having made life long friends. No special skills are required for most adventures, just a sense of adventure and a curiosity about the world!

When will I meet my trip leader?

In most instances, you will meet your Trip Leader at the arrival and starting point of your tour, usually the Airport.

Should I Tip?

Tipping is commonplace in most parts of the world and there will be some incidences on your tour when you will be expected to tip. In other instances, due to cultural differences it could be considered impolite to tip a person. Please refer to your Trip Dossier as it provides a general guide to recommended tipping amounts. Whilst on tour your Trip Leader will be able to offer advice on when to tip and how much to tip.

Can I Bring a Child With Me?

It depends on the trip. Please contact us before booking and we can discuss whether it would be suitable for them. On private trips you can bring who you like.

I am 75. Can I Take part in a Lost Earth Adventures Tour?

Yes you can! We do not impose an upper age limit on any of our trips, however, we do require those over the age of 70 to read and understand the trip grading for your particular trip and make your own decisions accordingly as most of our trips involve a lot of physical excursion.

Can I Store Luggage at the Starting Point Hotel?

Yes there is always storage available at the hotels. It is however at your own risk so we don’t advise leaving valuables.

Do I Need a Sleeping Bag?

On some trips you will not, others you will. Please check your kit list. On some trips sleeping bags are available to rent.

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Yes, you do. Please see our Terms and Conditions for travel insurance requirements. And see here for advice on where to purchase travel insurance.


Visa requirements will vary for different nationalities depending on the countries you will be visiting. This information will be listed in the trip’s info section.

Do I Need an Indian Visa if I Fly to Nepal via India?

If your baggage has been checked all the way through to Kathmandu then you do not need an Indian visa. However if you are collecting baggage and do not have a through flight then you will need an India Visa, even if you are not leaving the airport. We or a visa service agent or relevant embassy/consulate can provide further information. Generally if you buy a plane ticket from London to Kathmandu you will not need a visa for any countries that you stop in.

I’m Concerned About the Political Stability of the Country

So are we! And as a result we will keep up to date with any information relating to the country we aim to be visiting. We follow the advice issued by the relevant consulates and our staff and friends in country, as well as paying attention to a variety of different media. It may also be necessary to alter itineraries and be flexible in country should the political situation change whilst we are there and in the unlikely occurrence of this, we would ask you to remain patient, and flexible and to assist your Trip Leader wherever possible.


Vaccination requirements vary for each destination. Whilst we are able to give you advice, we are not medical professionals and are not able to give you specific advice. We recommend that you consult with your local GP and travel clinic and to seek professional advice from your doctor, travel nurse or medical centre before you travel. Please take a copy of your itinerary with you and make your appointment well before you intend to travel as some vaccinations require a course given on different dates over a set period of time, and you will not be considered vaccinated until you have completed the full course.

Do You Cater for All Dietary Requirements?

The same allergies and intolerances that exist here also exist in other parts of the world. Your trip leader will help you learn to speak the words to describe your dietary needs wherever you may be. It would be wise if you have a specific diet to buy a decent phrase book that has a dictionary in English and also written in local script with a pronunciation guide.

Is it Possible to Rent Equipment?

Sometimes! Read the kit list or the dossier to see what you need and what is available to rent from us.

I’m Travelling Alone?

Many people choose to travel on their own, especially with adventure travel suiting the independent traveller. You will not really be travelling on your own. You will be travelling with likeminded people who are looking for the same experiences. In most instances you will leave having made friends for life!

Have a Question We Haven’t Answered Yet?

Please see your trip’s webpage for specific information about your booking, or contact us.

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