Caving Courses and Experience Days

Explore an Underworld of Caverns, Tunnels and Spelunking Holes

Yorkshire, Lancashire, Lake District and the Peak District

Caving is one of the few last frontiers on our planet, we have barely scratched the surface. Yet there are many amazing caves currently known and England has some of the best caving systems in the world. Caving is synonymous with the Yorkshire Dales and the Peak District, and they are rightly distinguished as two of the UK’s premier potholing destinations. The limestone in these regions has made for a subterranean feast of wild and weird natural sculptures, a world much different from what we see above ground. In these vast cave systems are labyrinths of winding passageways, delicate cave formations, giant chambers and waterfalls. It is a world few people see.


Experience a part of England rarely seen through some of the most exciting adventures underground in the UK. Journey through ancient limestone passageways, past rock formations and learn how they were sculpted by water over thousands of years. Identify stalactites, straws and calcite features. Wade in underground rivers, crawl and squeeze through narrow passage ways, climb waterfalls and traverse clear rock pools.

We tailor our caving sessions to your aims and objectives so whether you’re thinking of setting foot underground for the first time or you’re a seasoned underground explorer, we’ll make your caving session fit you perfectly.

Want more? We have many optional challenges on each trip to test even the most hardy and we also offer longer trips, abseiling, climbing and traversing into some of the most hard to reach but breathtaking environments! At journey’s end we’ll pop up from underground surrounded by the stunning hills we’ve explored, a fitting end to a grand adventure!

We offer half-day and full-day caving trips which can be done in the morning or afternoon, rain or shine.

We can also combine these with our other activities! Why not make it into a full day or weekend adventure? Find out more about how you can defy gravity and get to the top of a crag or bottom of a canyon on our mountain biking, rock climbing, abseiling, or gorge walking pages.

Call us on 01904 500094 or email us at to enquire about the caving adventure for you.


Stag and Hen Parties or Group Bookings

Caving is incredibly popular with stag or hen parties and large groups looking for something different and exciting. To make things easy as we know large groups are hard to organise all we need is a £100 deposit to reserve the date. The final balance is not due until 30 days before the activity takes place. Deposits are non-refundable but the date can be changed with 30 days notice, subject to availability.

Caving Courses and Experience Days

caving courses yorkshire dales
Caving courses and fun days out to suit all experience levels with options available for both groups and individuals.

For locations of all these courses see the locations tab above

Try Pot Holing / Caving Experience – Half Day or Full Day

This is a fun session suitable for individuals or groups looking for an exciting day exploring the dark, magical places of the underworld or for trying something new.

The experience can be made as easy or challenging as you like and sessions generally run between 3-6 hours. Some caves involve climbing and abseiling under ground, with really long tight tunnels and other caves can simply be walked through.

We have a plethora of caves that we use and we will tailor the trip to the aims and abilities of the group. You just tell us how long, how dirty, how wet and how deep!

No previous experience is needed and potholing can be enjoyed by all ages, abilities and fitness levels. With underground rivers and waterfalls, millions of years in the making and fascinating pieces of geology you’re sure to be intrigued!

This is a great wet weather activity as some of the caves we use can be enjoyed rain or shine.

Guided Caving Trips

We provide experienced and knowledgeable guides for any cave system in the Yorkshire Dales or the Peak District. If you let us know what you want to do or where you want to go contact us and we’ll be with you all the way. Depending on your experience we can offer SRT and pull through trips.

Caving / Potholing Skills Courses and Instruction

From complete novice to advanced tuition in self-rescue and SRT, we provide courses that are tailored specifically to your caving aims and aspirations. Decide what it is you’d most like to learn and achieve, read through the courses below then simply get in touch with us on 01904 500094 or

Types of Caving Courses:

Beginner / Intro Course – Half Day, Full Day or 2-Days

If your aim is to eventually go caving on your own then this introductory caving course is an essential first step to becoming an underground spelunker.


This course will cover:

  • Learning about the main hazards faced whilst caving, such as: how water flows through the passageways, potentially causing flooding
  • Deciphering various weather charts, rainfall histograms, caving guidebooks and where to find these sources
  • Navigating through cave systems efficiently and safely
  • History of cave development, identifying unique and interesting calcite formations and fossils
  • How to preserve and conserve the fragile environment
  • Basic emergency procedures and safety kit
  • Practical advice on purchasing equipment and advising on your next steps
  • This course can be run in horizontal systems or vertical trips using ladders and ropes. You will be encouraged to take the map and have a go at leading the way.

Intermediate Caving Course – 1-day or 2-days

This course is designed for someone that has the desire and determination to explore technical caves. You don’t need to have been on a previous course with us before, though this is an ideal progression from our beginner course.


This course will cover:

  • Exploring deeper cave and mine systems
  • Rope work and specialist ladder and safety line techniques
  • Traversing along high ledges and climbing using roll up caving ladders
  • How to rig traverses and protect the leader by selection and usage of natural and bolted anchors
  • Caving knots, rope care, coiling and organising tackle

Course locations run throughout the Yorkshire Dales or the Peak District. On all ascents and descents you will have a safety line attached to you, helping you up and keeping you safe.

Advanced Caving Course / Single Rope Instruction (SRT) – 1-Day, 2-Days or 3-Days

This course is designed for someone with a keen interest in learning about the more technical aspects of caving and exploring into deeper mine and cave systems. This does not have any course pre-requisites. On our advanced courses you will learn:


This course will cover:

  • How to set up and safely climb ropes efficiently
  • The theory of fall factors, the loading of anchor points and the use of ‘Y’ hangs
  • Comprehensive tuition whilst exploring the most technical passages through the underworld
  • Self-rescue techniques and how to rescue a tired or injured caver on a pitch or traverse line
  • Scope to discuss any and all aspects of caving and mining. Depending on your aims and aspirations we may also use an indoor training centre prior to heading underground

Caving Adventures Information


What to Wear

To look after ourselves in the underground environment we use bright headlights and wear warm clothing and protective suits. We will provide you with the suits, helmets, head lights, neoprene socks and all other safety equipment relevant to the cave you will be visiting.

It is possible to avoid getting wet for the most part however in most caves there are sections we will need to walk through the water and by the end of the trip we encourage it! If you like we can offer totally dry caves.

We recommend you wear several layers of clothing, nothing too bulky or clothes that are expensive. A t-shirt or long sleeved t-shirt (technical, non-cotton shirts are best), followed by a sweater and a fleece top. A combination of three layers is ideal for the upper body.

We definitely do not recommend denim as it will not keep you warm when wet. Jogging pants are more suitable. Additionally we do not advise gloves as these will get wet, muddy and damaged in the cave environment. A warm beanie hat can help to keep warm, but this must be thin without a bobble to fit safely under our helmets.

Due to the nature of caving we do not recommend taking a camera. Please be aware there is a strong chance you may damage or get the camera wet and cave over-suits do not have pockets! A cheap or old camera in case of damage and a fleece jacket with a chest pocket would provide the best protection.

Make sure to have a full change of clothes and a large towel to get dry and changed. There are no changing rooms near the caves however so be prepared!

Kit List

Our guide will provide you with full caving equipment, you simply need to bring:

  • Three warm layers for the upper body (i.e. T-shirt, sweat shirt and fleece top)
  • Warm trousers (jogging or cargo trousers, no denim)
  • Thin warm hat, balaclava or buff (optional, must safely fit under the helmet)
  • Large towel
  • Comfortable and warm clothes to change into after the cave
  • Spending money for tea/snacks

We hope you remember your adventures for years to come so it is okay to bring suitable cameras on our activities. However, please be aware that due to the nature of our caving activities, cameras and phones are very likely to get wet and damaged so do try to waterproof and protect them sufficiently. We cannot be held responsible for damage of valuables.


At Lost Earth Adventures we take safety very seriously. We have full public and product liability insurance, write risk assessments for every activity we offer and use highly experienced and qualified instructors with a good client to staff ratio. Lost Earth Adventures also holds an AALA license for the provision of caving. This is the highest accreditation that is available from the British Government and means that we meet the high standards set for providing adventurous activities. Read more about our safety policy.

Children under 18 and older than 7 are most welcome to join us caving but please let us know when booking how many and what ages they are. We have no upper age limit, as long as you have the determination and a sense of adventure!

We will provide you with all the equipment you need and our qualified instructors will take care of everything else.

Call us on 01904 500094 or email us at to discuss what we can do for you.

Our Cave Locations

Read detailed cave descriptions of all the caves we use:

Where to Meet

When you book we will give you the exact location of where to meet our guides. This will be an easy to find car park close to the caves.

Distances to Cave Venues in the Yorkshire Dales

Long Churns, Alum Pot, Runscar and Thistle, Great Douk, Sell Gill, Calf Hole, Birkwith and Old Ing, Yordas, Kingsdale Master Cave, Upper Yordas and Bull Pot of the Witches

Most of our cave venues in the Yorkshire Dales are close to Settle, Ingleton, Skipton and the M6. Manchester, Bradford, Leeds and the A1 is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.

Goyden Pot, Manchester Hole, New Goyden, Goyden Pot Upper

The caves of Goyden are close to Pateley Bridge, York, Leeds, Harrogate, Ripon and the A1. Leeds and Bradford are approximately 1 hour 15 minutes away.

Dow Cave

Dow Cave is next to Kettlewell, nestled in the centre of the Dales. It is in close proximity to Skipton (25 minutes), allowing access from Leeds, Bradford and Manchester, as well as the A1 and M6.

Read descriptions about each cave in the Yorkshire Dales

Distances to Cave Venues in the Peak District

The caves venues in the Peak District are close to Castleton, Buxton and Bradwell.

Peak Cavern, Giants Hole, P8 Jackpot, Horseshoe / Suicide Cave

These caves are close to Castleton, only 30 minutes from Sheffield and approximately 1 hour from the M1, Manchester and the M6.

Bagshawe Cavern

Bagshawe Cavern is close to Bradwell only 30 minutes from Sheffield and approximately 40 minutes from the M1.

Carlswark Cavern

Calswark Cavern is near to Stoney Middleton and Elay. This region is only 30 minutes from Sheffield and the M1.

Read descriptions about each cave in the Peak District

Other Cave Locations in the UK and Abroad

We can also provide exciting caving adventures in other regions of the UK such as the Mendips and Wales. Call us on 01904 500094 or email us at to discuss where you would like to go.

What about caving overseas? If you are looking to head on an adventure expedition abroad why not try caving as part of an adventure tour with Lost Earth Adventures in South East Asia!

Group Experience Days


Whether you would like a day tailored towards school groups, company team building, a charity event, a celebratory birthday experience, or something a little more suited to Stag/Hen do’s (or something else entirely) choose from the following options to see how we can create the best experience for your group.

Why Us?


We don’t act as an agent for other companies, so when you book with us you are getting a true Lost Earth Adventures experience from your first point of contact.

As an outdoors provider, we have been doing this for many years, not only in Yorkshire, but we have also explored caves in Canada and across Asia.

Our guides are some of the most experienced in the industry, and without a doubt the friendliest instructors around. They’re guaranteed to give you a fulfilling, fun and unbeatable experience.

Our equipment is new, clean and the best available for caving including caving suits, very bright headlamps, helmets and either a belt or harness depending on the trip you are doing. We will also supply gloves on colder or wetter trips. Your comfort is our priority so we endeavour to find the most suitable cave for your group and the prevailing conditions.

We never rush and don’t believe in cutting any corners. We believe in giving your group not just a great day, but an exceptional one. This is your day and we’ll do everything we can to make it one to remember. Our instructors will also create fun and entertaining games for you while also guiding you safely through the caves. You will receive a fantastic staff to client ratio so that you do not spend a lot of time waiting around.

Our Guides

Our Lost Earth Adventures cave leaders are fully qualified experts, highly experienced with knowledge of the best and lesser known caves in the area. We are passionate about the adventures we lead. Our guides love to share knowledge of the activities and it is highly important to Lost Earth Adventures that each member of the group has maximum activity time and enjoyment. We will cater to the needs of your group and we provide all the equipment necessary, so you can focus on the thrills, challenges and amazing wonders of the underground world.

Our team is highly experienced cave leader professionals, qualified first aiders and have expert knowledge of each cave we visit to ensure a safe, enjoyable trip for all.

Lost Earth Adventures also holds an AALA license for the provision of caving. This is the highest accreditation that is available from the British Government and means that we meet the high standards set for providing adventurous activities. Read more about our safety policy.

Our cave leaders are passionate about exploring the underground frontier, and have visited spectacular caves in remote regions of the world. From the forests of Borneo, Northern Thailand & Laos to Europe, North America and South America. We love to pass our knowledge to others and will answer any questions you may have. We will teach you how to move safely in a cave environment and how the caves have formed. We will help you develop your confidence and skills to challenge yourself safely and make cavers out of you! See our team of expert guides!

What Our Guests Say


“It’s been a few days now since I spent all day in the cave system Alum Pot – Long Churn and I’m still full of impressions. It was my first big expedition with excellent equipment for moving through the cave, including complete sets for rappelling. The instructors were just great, helpful, with a professional approach and I felt comfortable and safe all the time. Not only that they could install with precision everything you need for overcoming obstacles, but they knew many interesting things about mineralogy and the history and origin of cave systems. To sum up, it was a lifetime experience and I definitely want to repeat such a mission. Thank you once again!” – Pavel Langer

Read more reviews about our adventures


We offer both half-day and full-day caving trips which can be done in the morning or afternoon, rain or shine! We don’t have minimum/maximum group sizes and can cater for small and large groups. We maintain exceptional instructor:client ratios, ensuring that our standards remain high.

There are Two Options

*The open group events vary in price depending on the course and duration and the prices are listed with the courses on the open group activities page.

Half Day Caving Prices – Horizontal Trips (no abseiling/ladders/climbing)

Number of PeoplePrice
Book Now
Price for 1 Person
(Open Group Event)
£49Book Now
Price for 1 person
(private guided)
£185Book Now
Price for 2 people
(private guided)
£115Book Now
Price for 3 people
(private guided)
£79Book Now
Price for 4 people
(private guided)
£65Book Now
Price for 5 people
(private guided)
£59Book Now
Price for 6-19 people
(private guided)
£49Book Now
Price for 20
or more people
(private guided)
£39Book Now
School and Youth GroupsPrices from £25Contact Us

Full Day Caving Prices – Horizontal Trips (no abseiling/ladders/climbing)

Number of PeoplePrice
Book Now
Price for 1 person
(private guided)
£255Book Now
Price for 2 people
(private guided)
£135Book Now
Price for 3 people
(private guided)
£99Book Now
Price for 4 people
(private guided)
£79Book Now
Price for 5 people
(private guided)
£69Book Now
Price for 6-19 people
(private guided)
£59Book Now
Price for 20
or more People
(private guided and can
combine more than 1 activity)
£49Book Now
School and Youth GroupsPrices from £45Contact Us

Caving Prices – Vertical Trips (abseiling/ladders/climbing etc)

Half days and full days are the same price on vertical trips

Number of PeoplePrice Per PersonBook Now
Price for 1 person
(private guided)
£289Book Now
Price for 2 people
(private guided)
£169Book Now
Price for 3 people
(private guided)
£129Book Now
Price for 4 people
(private guided)
£99Book Now
Price for 5-9 people
(private guided)
£89Book Now
Price for 10-19 people
(private guided)
£79Book Now
Price for 20+ or more people
(private guided)
£59Book Now
School and Youth GroupsPrices from £35Contact Us

Want More Adventure

Make it a full day of adventure and combine an exciting caving experience with a half day of rock climbing and abseiling or gorge walking or canyoning or mountain biking.


Click the arrows to take a photographic adventure through the caves of the UK


A short video of what you can expect to see and do on one of our caving trips.

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