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Tips for Fundraising

Ideas To Raise Money for Your Challenge

Audacious, Big and Scary, Deserves Lots of Money!

Charity Trek, National 3 PeaksFundraising is easier than you may think. Furthermore, it’s not always the amount of money per donation that makes a large fundraising total. With a bit of hard work, a lot of sponsors can go a long way… every penny counts!

Make sure you give your potential sponsors a thorough understanding of your chosen charity and what the money you are raising will help towards. Have your sponsorship form ready! We can provide generic forms for you but we don’t take the money.


Plan Ahead and Mix it up

If you plan your fundraising over a period of time and mix up how you ask people for money it is possible to get sponsorship from the same person more than once. For example, sending an initial sponsorship form round your colleagues and then a few months later setting up a bake sale at lunchtime in your work place while you promote your challenge again.

Recruit, Recruit, Recruit!

  • If your work place or club allows, you can set up a promotion evening and try to recruit as many people as possible. Ask everyone you know and even people you don’t! It’s for a good cause, and people can only say no. You’ll be surprised who joins.

  • Explain clearly why you are choosing to do this challenge and why you have chosen to sponsor your particular charity.

  • Most people will be happy to donate a small amount, always assume the best possible outcome.

  • Use the power of social media to put your message out there. Speak to friends and ask them to share your fundraising story.

  • Make flyers and put them up in your local shops.

  • Mix up your audience: approach friends, family, colleagues, neighbours etc.

  • Use your contacts, think about people you know who may be able to help you raise the profile of your campaign. Never be afraid to ask – remember you are doing this for a good cause!

  • Some companies will pay you for the time off work as part of their social and corporate responsibility programme, this way you are earning money whilst on a trip! Win win!

  • Ask the person who will donate the most first as it sets a precedent, people will ask how much you have been sponsored so far.



Train. Fundraise. Organise.

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