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A Little Bit More About Us

Group of outdoor instructorsLost Earth Adventures takes great pride in the quality of our guides. Our instructors are hired not only for their knowledge and expertise but also for their passion and friendly, outgoing personalities! Read on to find out more about our team.


Richard Goodey – Co-Founder

Richard’s hunger to explore the natural world began during childhood; climbing with his Dad at every opportunity.

At 17, he climbed untouched mountains in the Pakistani Karakoram, igniting a lifelong adoration for adventure and exploration. He has since climbed, biked, caved, and kayaked on five continents, including first ascents in the Canadian Rockies and Nepal’s Himalaya. Richard is a qualified Rock Climbing Instructor, Mountain Leader, Vertical Cave Leader and mountain bike leader. He is trained in white water rescue, wilderness first aid, and avalanche awareness.

Read more about Richard here.

Mountain bike guide

Sarah Goodey – Co-Founder

Sarah grew up in Canada, living in 7-different towns; from coast to coast. She was fortunate to move to the Canadian Rockies as a teen, where she was able to explore the vast wilderness that surrounded her. She honed her skills in the mountains, learning to rock climb, ski, mountain bike, and trek. Beyond this, her adventures have taken her across Europe, Central America, Asia and North Africa. Sarah is trained in white water rescue, wilderness first aid and is a qualified mountain bike instructor. Read more about her here.

Mick Ellerton – Operations Manager

Mick is our Operations Manager, the man behind the scenes making sure all of our ground team, guides, and support staff know where to be and when. An incredibly talented, likeable, and hardworking leader who is a fantastic mentor for our instructional staff.

Mick is also a trainer and assessor for the Cave Leader awards, holds an impressive array of qualifications across many adventure sports, has been leading groups for more than 20 years, and is a member of the Cave Rescue Team.

Natalie Atkinson – Office Manager

Natalie has recently run away from teaching to join the team at Lost Earth. As the previous lead on countless school residentials and day trips she brings an interesting perspective to the office.

When she isn’t busy booking your adventures, she is often found outdoors with her little girl instilling a love for all things fun. From climbing to SUP’ing and skiing, there’s not much she hasn’t got involved in.

Man wearing canoeing equipment

Mark Richards – Technical Advisor and Instructor

Mark Richards is one of the very best Technical Advisors in the UK. His attitude is exemplary while his experience and qualifications speak for themselves. He holds the MIC and CIC, the highest qualifications in mountaineering and caving in the UK respectively. Mark is one of only a handful of instructors to hold both qualifications and is also a trainer and assessor for the caving and mountaineering awards. His considerate approach makes him a firm favourite for our customers. Find out more about Mark.

Mountaineering Instructor UK Sam Percival

Sam Percival – Technical Advisor and Instructor

Sam Percival is one of our most trusted Technical Advisors. His enthusiasm is supported by his qualifications and experience. Sam is a qualified Winter Mountaineering Instructor and has been climbing for over 10 years, leading in the British traditional style at E4 6b grade. He holds many qualifications in abseiling, kayaking, canoeing, paddling, caving, leading in mountain biking and more. Sam’s dedication to maximising engagement means his sessions are always very popular.


Dave Hollingham – Technical Advice and Instructor

Apart from holding his CIC, his MCI, and being a Level 3 Canoe Coach, Dave is also a really nice guy! Dave’s managed an outdoor centre specialising in adapted outdoor sports for the disabled in the past and makes sure our less-abled clients can enjoy our activities just as much as anyone else can. He has a fondness for scrambling, especially in the Cuillins, along with cave and mine exploration.


Matt Debenham – Technical Advice and Instructor

SPA, ML, Trail Mountain Bike Leader, BCU Level 3 Coach Open boat and kayak

Matt is one of the originals and has been with Lost Earth Adventures since day one. Based in the Peak District, he knows the area better than he knows the back of his hand. You’ll find him cracking jokes on the top of Stanage Edge, swimming up rivers near Kinder Scout, and exploring the local mountain bike trails. As an all-around passionate, friendly outdoorsman, whatever the adventure, you’ll be in great company.

Female Climbing Guide Derbyshire

Ruth Jenkins – Instructor

International Mountain Leader, Kayak Coach, SPA, Cave Leader, Stunt Woman.

Yes, you read that right! Ruth is a stunt woman and you may have seen her in films such as Batman and Harry Potter and TV shows such as Casualty and Coronation Street. Not only that, when she’s not duelling with witches and wizards or jumping out of burning buildings, she’s also climbing nails hard rock routes, at one time she was the hardest female climber in Britain. You too can climb as hard as Ruth if you read her blog.


Luca Jandu – Instructor

One of our most asked for instructors, Luca is able to get on with anybody from any walk of life. Incredibly empathetic and caring, when we asked Luca what his biggest achievement is, his response was; I think the moment I feel most proud of, was through adventure, helping a young girl with Cerebal Palsy to realise how way more physically able she was than she realised. She really gained an immeasurable amount of independence that week and I feel totally chuffed to have been a part of that.


Mike Evans – Instructor

A UKCG Canyon Guide, Level 2 Kayak Coach, Level 2 Cave Leader, Rescue3 White Water Rescue, UKCG Swiftwater Canyon Rescue, Mountain Leader, Rock Climbing Instructor.

When it comes to canyoning and gorge walking, there are few people in the UK with more experience than Mike. He has been leading every type of group all over the country for 20 years and is a firm favourite with all the clients he leads.


Josh Anderson – Instructor

The highlights of Josh’s outdoor experiences are seeing individuals develop and do things they never thought possible. Josh is skilled in mental health first aid and using the outdoors as a tool to help people overcome issues they are facing. He also likes taking people on underground cave trips into the Peak District’s most serious systems, holding the Vertical Cave Leader and Mountain Leader awards.


Hugh Parker – Instructor

One of our most experienced and qualified instructors, Hugh’s always good to have scheduled onto a programme as he can lead anything! A man who can get things done, a solid, dependable person to have by your side on an adventure. Mainly found deep underground in one of Yorkshire’s largest pot holes or jumping from cliffs into canyons.


Will Doyle – Instructor

He’s the epitome of the rugged mountain man, you’ll either find him living in his van, high on the wall of some eye-wateringly steep, Extreme-graded rock climb or leading one of our activities.

Will is a RCDI, Rock Climbing Development Instructor, as well as holding some other qualifications. This means he can coach you to climb as hard as he can, if you have what it takes!


Jamie Mason – Instructor

Jamie is super enthusiastic, constantly roaming the country in his camper-van on the search for the next adventure. Just at home on mountains, lakes or rivers, he’s a qualified Stand Up Paddle Board Coach, Climbing Instructor, Canoeing Coach and Mountain Leader, so there’s a good chance you might meet Jamie if you book a trip with us.

Rock climber in the mountains

Paul Cannon – Instructor

Paul leads lots of Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenges for us and you’ll have lots to talk about during the 12-hour walk, as he’s led a very interesting life! Amongst other things, he’s rowed across the Indian Ocean setting five Guinness World Records, including the speed record, he’s been on a 5-month rock climbing expedition from London to Hong Kong, setting new routes in Iran, India, Turkey and China, sailed the Atlantic, been a stunt man, a circus performer and instructor on the flying trapeze, helped develop a section of The Greater Patagonia Trail and been a horse-back safari guide in South Africa!

Bouldering instructor Yorkshire

Craig Watson – Instructor

Craig, the living legend! You’ll mainly find craig at our Eastern Dales gorge walking venue as this is his favourite haunt, enjoying the changes of each season. Qualified in caving, climbing, canyoning and paddle sports, he’s a familiar face at Lost Earth Adventures, who’s been here long enough that you might mistake him for part of the furniture.


Damien Bootham – Instructor

A Level 3 Canoe Coach, Stand Up Paddle Board Coach, Rock Climbing Instructor and Mountain Leader. Damo’s a double-nice guy and his calm, caring demeanour really helps to get the best out of those he’s coaching.


Jon Callow – Instructor

Jon is a White Water Leader amongst other things but he can really throw an Open Boat around when the river gets steep. Water-based sports are Jon’s domain but he’s equally qualified to take you climbing, hiking into the mountains or sliding down a canyon.


Mark Bennet – Instructor

Mark currently holds the record for the most amount of 5-star reviews, so if you want to know about Mark, visit Trip Advisor! He’s a Peak District local and has been exploring the caves and cliffs of the area with his dad since he was a small boy. Like one of our clients said, “his knowledge of the area is second to none!”

Kayaking instructor Peak District

Rhys Jones – Instructor

Rhys is another amazing guide, holding a multitude of awards in caving, climbing, canoeing, mountain biking, and gorge walking, he truly is an asset to our team. With his enthusiastic and inspiring love for adventure, it’s easy to see why he gets so much fantastic feedback from our clients.


Simon Purkiss – Instructor

Simon is another one of the incredibly well qualified members of our team, with awards in caving, climbing, canoeing, mountain biking, hiking and gorge walking. You are likely to see him leading our trips anywhere, from up a mountain to deep down in a cave! He is very knowledgeable, and helps put any nerves at ease with his caring and calm approach to instructing.


Dan Millar – Instructor

Dan is a super energetic guide that is predominantly based in the Peak District. He’s qualified for mountain biking, hiking, climbing and paddling, and regularly works on our team building challenge events and always getting great feedback! Whether you’re scaling a mountain, taking on trails or getting to grips on the crag – you’re in safe hands with Dan.


Other Instructors

The above staff make up our core team members, although you’ll also likely have an opportunity to meet many of our other incredible instructors on your adventures with us!


Lost Earth Adventures holds an AALA license. This is the highest accreditation that is available from the British Government and means that we meet the high standards set for providing adventurous activities. Read more about our safety policy.


Find out more about our guides and what they get up to at work, home and play on our Facebook Page!


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