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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide world-class, authentic outdoor experiences and training across the UK’s mountain environments. To provide experiences that are safe, adventurous, enriching, accessible and inspiring, whilst minimising our environmental impact.

Mountain Guides

A Passion for Adventure

Lost Earth Adventures was founded by Richard and Sarah Goodey. An adventurous husband and wife duo, they’ve never been content with your typical sun, sand and beach holidays. In their years of travelling they have continuously gone in search of experiences that are more rewarding, challenging, inspiring and fun!


Tread Further, Go Farther

Wanderlust and a continual quest for their next adventure have brought them to explore over 35 countries, across 5 continents. They have stayed with nomadic Berbers and trekked throughout the Saharan Desert, climbed the majestic peaks of the Himalaya, explored the Pakistan Karakoram’s, surfed in Central America, been invited into the homes of local Akha hunters, camped wild in the Australian Outback, canoed down icy Canadian rivers, dodged grizzly bears, swam with sharks, trekked up volcanoes and motorcycled throughout the entire Indian sub-continent.

Expertise, Knowledge and Leadership

It is this mutual love for adventure and discovery that led the pair to create an outfitting company that was in line with their philosophy and mentality of travel. Richard and Sarah wanted to share their passion, knowledge and expertise, in hopes that they would inspire others to tread further and go farther.

Sarah and Richard combined this ethos of travel with unique, authentic itineraries, active travel, cultural immersion and responsible, sustainable tours, and thus Lost Earth Adventures was born!

Our itineraries are unique and strive to get off the beaten path while also showcasing the highlights of a destination. As a small, personal company we pride ourselves on our professionalism, leadership and attention to detail. People travel with Lost Earth Adventures because of our in depth and personal knowledge of the countries we visit. As one of our latest guests stated, “I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on.”

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