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Guide to Organising a Challenge

How to Organise a Charity Challenge?

An Organiser’s Step-by-Step Guide

Charity WalkMake a difference, get involved, change lives. Our challenges are a proven method of raising significant funds for charity. These are sponsored events such as the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge or climbing Snowdon.

Charity bike ride
Challenges are very effective at raising funds. On an recent National Three Peaks challenge, participants had to raise at least £500 per person. With 40 participants that’s a minimum of £20,000 that directly went to the charity!

We run our charity challenges for large organisations and single participants alike.

Charitable organisation / business / large group organiser

Step 1 – Choose Your Challenge

  • Choose your challenge and give us approximate participant numbers

Step 2 – Choose Your Payment Option

Option A

  • We just need a £100 deposit to hold the date for you, which gets deducted from the final balance.
  • 30-days prior, we ask that you let us know final numbers and pay the balance based on those numbers.

  • If it’s less than 30-days to the activity, you’ll need to pay the full amount and we need to know exactly how many people are in your group.

Option B
If you want the participants to sign up separately and pay us directly, we will create a page for you on our website so that people can pay us directly. We require a £100 deposit to do this and this gets credited back when we’ve received at least 20 bookings.

We’d brand the page with your charity logo if required so people know they are joining your event. You won’t have to deal with the payments or client’s booking questions and emails. We can only offer this on groups estimated to be larger than 20-people. Due to the increased admin cost of this, the price is £5 extra per person. You can visit this page so you can see how we’ve set up a page for a previous charity.

When you pay the £100 deposit we will send you an information email, including a kit list and joining instructions which you can then forward to the participants as they book with you.

Step 3 – Turn Up!

You turn up for the challenge and we give you a professional, rewarding and awesome experience!

How Can I fund my Challenge?

There are two options when looking at funding a charity challenge which are mentioned below. We are happy to work with you on both methods.

  • Self-funded – participants fund the challenge themselves and raise money to donate to the charity
  • Sponsorship funded – the challenge is paid out of the sponsorship money.

Individual or Small Group Organiser

If you are an individual or small group that is concerned that you may not get enough bookings to fill a private event but still want to support a charity of your choice we recommend joining one of our Open Group Events.

  • Open Group Events are challenges that run on set dates throughout the year and anyone can join and raise money for whatever cause they like. You just choose the challenge and the date, pay the fee and turn up. You are responsible for raising and collecting funds and then you simply pass the money on to the charity of your choice. We can supply you with sponsorship forms if you need them.

  • See the dates of our Open Group Events.


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