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Secret Trails of Nar Phu

Adventure trekking in the remote valleys of Nar and Phu

16-Day Private Trekking Expeditions

Trek to Nar Phu Annapurna
Discover hidden valleys, remote villages and ancient monasteries on our Secret Trails of Nar Phu trek. Walk amongst a region untouched by modern amenities and experience the Tibetan culture that thrives here.

You begin in the lower reaches of the Annapurna Circuit. Enchanting forests, verdant valleys and stunning snow-capped peaks make this trek perfect for those looking to go well off the beaten path. This restricted area only opened to the public in 2003, so you’ll be visiting areas few others have explored. What will you uncover?

See a more detailed itinerary for the Secret Trails of Nar Phu Trek.

Welcome to Nepal, let the adventure begin!

If you’d like to experience this trek, just complete this form and our previous Lost Earth Adventures’ Local Manager and longtime friend of more than 20-years, Kul Prasad, and his team in Nepal will get back to you quickly with some options.

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