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Charity Challenge Training Plan

Preparing for a Big Event?

Training Tips and Advice for Charity Walks and Climbs

Congratulations for taking on a Lost Earth Adventures charity challenge! This is no walk in the park and training in advance can make all the difference to your enjoyment. Here are a few ideas for ensuring your success in the mountains abroad and at home.



Your choice of footwear is a primary factor in the overall enjoyment and success of your achievement. Your footwear must be functional and of good quality. They should be comfortable and robust with good grip on the bottom. Walking boots or approach shoes are best, as are trail running shoes.

Poor fitting footwear can lead to blisters which are no fun at all whether you’re right at the beginning or near completion of your challenge.

Tough as an old boot!
When you begin your trek it should not be the first time you wear your boots. Wear them in well beforehand and walk in them as much as possible, every little helps. It may seem obvious but the best way to work your boots in, is on different terrains, off-road and up and down hills is ideal. This will make your boots more supple and mould them to your feet.

Purchase a breathable, high-quality pair of walking socks – don’t forget to bring spare pairs! Make sure they are comfortable to wear with the footwear you’re using.

Pack for all weather scenarios but don’t bring the kitchen sink.
Being on top of a mountain wet and cold is no fun, so don’t forget your waterproofs. On the other hand, that extra item you thought was really important might not seem like it on the last leg of your challenge. See our kit lists for exact requirements of what to bring for the challenges we offer. To make life easier remember to put items that are frequently used at the top of your bag when packing.

Try it on!
To make your challenge as enjoyable as possible your kit must fit well. This means you’ll spend less time adjusting it, and more time to enjoy the beautiful views.


Any Lost Earth Adventures challenge is a test of stamina and ‘mountain fitness’. Training in advance will give you the upper hand on the challenge. A good place to begin is working on your overall endurance and strength with cardiovascular and weight training.

Go Slowly, Get Strong, Improve Cardio
It’s easy in the beginning to do too much too soon, but all this does is lead to injury and set you back in your overall training plan. Slowly increasing your intensity over time is key. We would always recommend consulting your doctor if you have any doubts regarding previous injuries and general fitness.

Concentrate on strengthening your legs, glutes and core. Simple exercises like lunges, squats and heel lifts are a great start. Planks are perfect for giving an overall core strength workout – and don’t take up much of your time! Aim to exercise a few times per week, alternating cardiovascular and strength training.

Trekking up and down hills can’t be replicated by walking on flat ground so ignore the lift and take the stairs; your quads and calves will thank you every step of the way!

Undertake activities that make you sweat and raise your heart rate a few times a week this will increase your overall fitness.

When is the best time to start?

The sooner the better!

3-4 months before your challenge:

  • 30-90 minutes of constant physical activity, 2-3 times a week
  • Low mileage walks
  • Read this blog about training

1-2 months before your challenge:

  • 60-90 minutes of constant physical activity, 3 times per week – make it varied, swimming, running and cycling are good examples but there are many more. Find what suits you best and what you enjoy the most.
  • Try to walk 8-15 miles once a week and as you progress increase your distance and height-gains. Climb and descend as many hills as you can, this will prepare your body for the variable terrain throughout your challenge.
  • If you’ve signed up in a group, it is a good idea to go for walks together, you will help to motivate each other and build positive team spirit.
  • Run for the Hills
    The most valuable training you can do for a challenge in the mountains is to get out there and experience it beforehand
    Test out your kit – take it all for a few trial runs – Don’t forget your rucksack! Wearing it as much as you can means you will get used to the feel and weight of it.

    Nutrition and Hydration
    As you increase your training, what you eat and drink becomes more important than ever. When you’re doing your challenge you will need to eat, drink and rest little, but often. Foods that you can snack on, provide lots of energy and are easy to digest are ideal.

    Read our blog on Nutrition for charity challenges.

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