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Trek to Everest Base Camp

Trekking Tour to the Roof of the World

16 day set departures and private expeditions from £1,565

Everest Base Camp group trekking
On our classic teahouse trek, you’ll ascend to the iconic Everest Base Camp, the famous starting point for some of the most influential climbing expeditions in history. Steeped in history, the impressive panoramic mountain view is one of the best in the world.

We guarantee you’ll be awe-struck by the dominating peaks all around you, from the 8,000m Lhotse and Nuptse to the 8,848m Everest itself. However, the route also gives ample opportunity to explore traditional Nepalese village culture and splendid scenery. You’ll visit the largest Buddhist monastery and traverse boulder fields left in the wake of the extraordinary Khumbu Glacier. It’s incredible!

Welcome to Nepal, let the adventure begin!

If you’d like to experience this trek, just complete this form and our previous Lost Earth Adventures’ Local Manager and longtime friend of more than 20-years, Kul Prasad, and his team in Nepal will get back to you quickly with some options.


    A team from Halford’s embarked on the amazing 16-day trek. Check out their journey:

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