Gorge Walking and Canyoning Locations in England and Asia

Canyoneering in the UK

What is Gorge Scrambling, Canyoning and Ghyll Walking?

It depends on where you live! What we call a gorge in the UK is referred to as a canyon in the United States, although it’s also not uncommon for people in the UK to refer to a gorge as a canyon. Well, to go even further you can even call a river at the bottom of a canyon or gorge, a ghyll (also spelled gill). Phew!

Whether you call it a canyon or a gorge, or a gill or a ghyll or in Wales you might even refer to it as a ceunentydd, you can walk, scramble, swim and abseil your way up or down! On any trip with Lost Earth Adventures you’re guaranteed to get wet and use your hands and feet. However you don’t need to be able to swim as you are wearing a bouyancy aid in deep water canyons and you will float quite nicely.

So, regardless of your skill level (with us you’re in safe hands and need zero experience) you’ll be in for a fun challenge. Bring your mates, your Mum, or an unsuspecting Stag, this activity can be enjoyed by anyone.

Technically a gorge or canyon is a steep sided and rocky ravine, where the water has carved a deep channel into the rock. It’s most commonly found in limestone and softer rock types, where it can erode quite easily.

What’s the Difference between Gorge Scrambling, Canyoning and Ghyll Walking?

Generally, if we were to go on a canyoning trip then you could expect the use of ropes and some steep climbing or abseiling to gain access to or exit the canyon. A typical ghyll scramble or gorge walk involves scrambling up a river with some steep climbs, rocks to slide down and natural pools to swim and jump in – all while splashing around with a great group of friends in a stunning location.

Can I do it Alone?

This isn’t recommended unless you have a solid background and understanding in mountaineering or caving and white water sports. An excellent knowledge of releasable rope systems is needed, as well as the ability to read and understand currents in white water. You’ll need to be confident and be able to anticipate what the weather and water tables are doing not only in the gorge, but also far upriver.

Join us on one of our day trips in Yorkshire and the Peak District or an adventure in Nepal to see if you like it. We can point you in the right direction!

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