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Canyoning or Ghyll and Gorge Scrambles

Locations in Yorkshire Dales and Peak District

Canyoneering in the UK

What’s the Difference between Gorge Scrambling, Canyoning and Ghyll Walking?

Generally, if we were to go on a canyoning trip then you could expect the use of ropes and some abseiling to gain access to or exit the canyon. A typical ghyll scramble or gorge walk involves scrambling up a river with some steep climbs, rocks to slide down and natural pools to swim and jump in – all while splashing around with a great group of friends in a stunning location.

Canyoning is a little bit more demanding than a ghyll or gorge scramble with bigger jumps and more technical rope use. All of our canyoning, ghyll scrambling and gorge walking trips are suitable for almost all ages and abilities and are a lot of fun!

Map of Locations

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