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Helambu Trekking Tour

Trek into Helambu, the Ancient Land of the Sherpa

Private Expeditions

Trekking Tour Helambu
The Helambu trek is the perfect trail for those looking for a diverse taste of what Nepal offers, from the vibrancy of Kathmandu to blissful vistas to the rich cultural experience of untouched villages.

This shorter trek offers lots of authentic Himalayan experience to soak up. You’ll meet extremely remote communities and get a genuine sight of what most other trekkers never get to see. If you’re looking to get away from it all, this is the trek for you.

The start of the Helambu Trek is only a 1-hour drive from Kathmandu, so it’s a great trek to get you straight into the mountains.

Welcome to Nepal, let the adventure begin!

If you’d like to experience this trek, just complete this form and our previous Lost Earth Adventures’ Local Manager and longtime friend of more than 20-years, Kul Prasad, and his team in Nepal will get back to you quickly with some options.

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