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Bungee Jumping An Adventure Closer to Home

Posted on: September 29th, 2011 by Lost Earth Adventures

My toes were stradling the edge and below me was nothing but 160ft of air.

I was surrounded by the iconic London skyline with the Gerkin to my left and Tower Bridge right next to me. My heart was beating fast with anticipation and nervous excitement. I felt like I was above the clouds.

And then, I jumped!

Nothing, I repeat nothing can prepare you for the ultimate thrill and adrenalin rush of jumping, head first off the edge of the bungee platform!

The feeling of freefall is immense and though it is quick and over soon, the nervousness turned to giddiness and the grin on my face lasted all freaking day! It was an amazing experience and I’d definitely recommend it anyone seeking a thrill, a rush and a challenge.

You can find more info about the ultimate Bungee Jump Experience here.

The Bungee Jump and this blog was done by our fun loving and fearless co-founder of Lost Earth Adventures, Sarah Allard.

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