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Truly Life Changing Adventures

Congratulations to Dom and Angelika!

Larkya Pass - Trekking around Manaslu
Trekking in Nepal can be a life changing experience from the warm hospitality of the locals and the spiritual peace of the Himalaya to your boyfriend getting down on one knee and popping the question at 5000 meters.

Congratulations to Dom who choose the 5,200m Larkya Pass high on the Manaslu Circuit to ask for Angelika’s hand in marriage. The Larkya La is deep in the middle of the Himalaya surrounded by several of the world’s highest mountains and glaciers. The proposal almost didn’t go to plan, as due to a big storm that ripped through the Indian Sub-Continent there was unusually high snow and temperatures plummeted. This caused many parties to turn back from the pass and the staff from the lodges to retreat to lower ground. Luckily the lodge owner from Dharamsala was persuaded to put our group up for the night and the weather turned for the better. As you can see in the picture the weather was as stunning as the new ring on Angelika’s finger! After a safe crossing of the pass they were able to descend to the alpine meadows and warmth of Bimtang for a few beers and a celebration.

We weren’t sure if the altitude had aided Dom in a successful response but we asked Angelika and she says she couldn’t be happier.

Well done guys!

See for yourself why there is magic in the air on our Manaslu Circuit Trek.

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