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Kayaking the Nam Lik

Posted on: August 26th, 2011 by Lost Earth Adventures

Roosters crowed and the pitter patter of a day awakening could be heard as the locals started about their daily routines. The sun was beginning to rise above the jungle and dramatic Karst mountains that surround Vang Vieng.

The group rustled about and eventually blurry-eyed adventurers perked up with the aroma of a fresh Laos coffee and the pending anticipation of a kayaking trip down the Nam Lik!

Our kayak put in point is just a short distance from Vang Vieng accessible by local Songthaew. A gentle river to begin, it carves it way, meandering past jungle, countryside and local villages. Much of Laos life revolves around the many rivers that flow through this landlocked country. And as we paddle downstream it is an excellent opportunity to see how villagers live and thrive along the river.

As the sun’s rays get stronger so do the river’s rapids!

Excitement begins to mount as it is divulged that that we are nearing the grade 2-3 rapids of the Nam Lik. We stop along a rocky outcrop to scout our lines and watch as local kayaking guide Tooey shows us how it’s done! Gracefully he lands on the other side still in his kayak and grinning from ear to ear!

One by one we all take our turn braving the rapids – some more successful than others at staying in! We spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing, basking in the warming sunshine, swimming in the water and eating a locally prepared lunch, exquisitely packaged in banana leaf. And for the intrepid of the group plunging 60 feet from a cliff into the river below!

A short paddle later and it’s time to call it a day. We return to Vang Vieng, wet, smiling and rejuvenated from an incredible adventure along the Nam Lik!

Lost Earth Adventures kayaks the Nam Lik on our South East Asian Odyssey Tour, running trips throughout the year. Groups are kept to a maximum of 12 and no previous kayaking experience is necessary. To find out more click here!

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