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Ayutthaya Thailand Our Favourite Destinations

Posted on: June 24th, 2011 by Lost Earth Adventures

Ayutthaya, Thailand – Our Favourite Destinations – Location #3

Just a short journey from Bangkok, the UNESCO-listed ancient ruins of Ayutthaya has made it to our list of favourite destinations – and for good reason!

Ayutthaya was once the ancient thriving capital of Siam (Thailand) and was destroyed by the Burmese in the 18th century. Ruins, monasteries and ornate temples dot the city of this ancient land and give you a glimpse of the splendour of its past. One could easily spend days upon days wandering through the tranquility of this landscape being mesmerised by it all.
But it is not just the architecture of Ayutthaya that we love so much. It is the welcoming and friendly nature of the locals combined with a town that truly feels like a calming breath of fresh air – especially after experiencing the bustling metropolis of Bangkok.

Other things we love? The Elephant Kraal, the amazing Bang-Ain Food Market, the temples that are lit up at night and the meandering rivers that meet in Ayutthaya.

The best way to explore is to take your time and explore by bicycle!

We visit Ayutthaya on our South East Asian Odyssey tour, relishing every minute of this enthralling and enchanting town!

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