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Rock climber in North Wales
North Wales, a rock climbing paradise! From novice-friendly areas suitable for school and youth groups to the steepest and longest climbs in the UK. North Wales has it all.

We offer taster sessions for groups, courses including learning to lead, bouldering and scrambling, as well as guiding and lessons in more technical skills including multi-pitch climbing.

Below, you’ll find some of our favourite rock climbing spots. Don’t see a place you want to climb at? Just contact us, we’re sure we can climb there too.

Single pitch areas for youths

School child learning single pitch climbing in Wales
The range of crags and cliffs in North Wales means it’s perfect for school children and youth groups of all ages.

Our single pitch areas teach them not only the basics of climbing with rope, but how to belay their classmates down in a safe and controlled way.

Llyn Padarn is a great venue for beginner climbers and we use this location often.

We also follow clear Learning Outcomes to help nurture young people’s experience of the great outdoors, ideal if you’re looking to include this activity on an outdoor education course. As always at Lost Earth Adventures, each session can be tailored to suit the group’s needs and abilities.


Llanberis Pass

The Llanberis Pass provides a lifetime’s worth of climbing and is on every UK climber’s bucket list, and for good reason.

Steeped in climbing tradition, the ever-popular Pass features a vast array of climbs ranging in difficulty, elevation and pure pleasure. Feel the exposure of Cemetery Gates or the open-book shape of Cenotaph Corner, probably the most sought-after E1 in the UK.

If truly rural climbing is your thing, try the Main Wall at Cryn Las, great for multi-pitch climbing. There are more classic and less difficult routes at Carreg Wastad, the famous Wrinkle and Crackstone Rib.

The adventurous Spiral Stairs also provides incredible exposure and impressive terrain, ideal for first-time multi-pitch climbing.


Crib Goch

Crib Goch climber scrambling up Snowdon
Without question, one of our favourite scrambling routes in the whole of the UK, the famed Crib Goch is considered the hard way up Snowdon. Feel fearless and embrace the ultimate exposure on both sides as you use all your limbs to traverse the knife-edge ridge.

Generally suited for more advanced climbers and mountain walkers, the scramble is not only a test of skill but also of courage. You definitely need a head for heights on this one!

This route to Snowdon is the hardest and probably the best one if you want to ‘climb’ Snowdon. As you traverse the 700m+ Grade 1 scramble, you’ll look down on stunning views across Llyn Llydaw, making your way steadily to Snowdon’s 1,085m peak. It’s a challenging route, but if you have the stomach for it, we promise you’ll never forget it.


North Ridge of Tryfan

Tryfan scrambling rock climber
A veritable playground for hikers and climbers, Tryfan is Wales’ second highest mountain filled with challenging rocky routes. You’ll probably need to use your hands whichever ascent you take to reach the 918m peak.

All the routes up are as challenging as they are rewarding, and with Grade 1 scrambles, it’s the perfect climb for those wanting to step their hill walking up a notch.


Idwal Slabs

North Wales climber tries multi-pitch climbing on course
Avoid the sheep and enjoy slabs galore in what is surely the grandest mountain scenery across the whole of Wales. The iconic slabs are suitable for all levels and grades and are many people’s first foray into multi-pitch climbing.

Some of our favourites include the Tennis Shoe, Hope, and Suicide Wall Route 1. Just give us a call if you’re interested in finding out more about each route.



If you’re all about convenience, look no further than Tremadog. Renowned for its popular ‘rain shadows’ crags, Tremadog has a heavy concentration of some of the UK’s best climbs just a stone’s throw from the main road. There’s the exposed One Step in the Clouds, or the beautifully-named Christmas Curry that are particularly memorable. Both are very popular routes in the high season but with the vastness of Tremadog, it’s often well worth veering further into the wilderness to find real climbing gems.


To book rock climbing and/or scrambling sessions at any of these locations, go to our rock climbing homepage and scroll down to see our prices. Alternatively, you can call us directly and we’ll have you harnessed up in no time.

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