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Enjoy caving courses and fun days out to suit all skill levels, suitable for both groups and individuals. Our routes range from relaxed routes you can walk through to much tighter crawlspaces regarded as some of the most extreme caving routes in the UK.

Read through the courses below and get in touch with us on 01904 500094 or info@lostearthadventures.co.uk

Happy caver in a cave

Try Pot Holing / Caving Experience

Climb, abseil underground and explore long, tight tunnels. If you don’t like tight spaces, we can adjust the route. No previous experience is needed and can be enjoyed by all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

For locations and prices visit the main caving page.

Abseiling in a cave

Guided Caving Trips

Experienced, knowledgeable guides show you any cave system in the Yorkshire Dales or the Peak District. Depending on your experience, we can offer Single Rope Technique (SRT) and pull-through trips.

For locations and prices visit the main caving page.

Crawling through water in a cave

Beginner / Intro Course

Half-Day, 1-Day or 2-Days
If your aim is to eventually go caving on your own, this introductory caving course is an essential first step to becoming an underground spelunker.

This course will cover:

  • Identifying hazards whilst caving such as water flows and potential flooding
  • Deciphering weather charts, rainfall histograms, caving guidebooks and where to find these sources
  • Navigating through cave systems efficiently and safely
  • History of cave development, identifying unique and interesting calcite formations and fossils
  • Preserving and conserving the fragile environment
  • Basic emergency procedures and safety kit
  • Practical advice on purchasing equipment and advising on your next steps
  • This course can be run in horizontal systems or vertical trips using ladders and ropes. You will be encouraged to take the map and have a go at leading the way.

For locations, prices, dates and more information please visit the main caving page.

Climbing up a caving ladder

Intermediate Caving Course

1-Day or 2-Days
This course is an ideal progression from our beginner course and is designed for those with the hunger to explore technical caves.

This course will cover:

  • Exploring deeper cave and mine systems
  • Rope work and specialist ladder and safety line techniques
  • Traversing along high ledges and climbing using roll-up caving ladders
  • How to rig traverses and protect the leader by selection and usage of natural and bolted anchors
  • Caving knots, rope care, coiling and organising tackle

For locations, prices, dates and more information please visit the main caving page.

Climbing up a caving rope

Advanced Caving Course

1-Day, 2-Days or 3-Days
This course is designed for those with a keen interest in learning about the more technical aspects of caving and exploring into deeper mine and cave systems. This does not have any course pre-requisites.

This course will cover:

  • Single Rope Technique (SRT)
  • Abseiling
  • How to set up and safely climb ropes efficiently
  • The theory of fall factors, the loading of anchor points and the use of ‘Y’ hangs
  • Comprehensive tuition whilst exploring the most technical passages
  • Self-rescue techniques and how to rescue a tired or injured caver on a pitch or traverse line
  • Scope to discuss any and all aspects of caving and mining. Depending on your aims, we may also use an indoor training centre prior to heading underground

For locations, prices, dates and more information please visit the main caving page.

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