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The six best restaurants in Pokhara

Posted on: October 18th, 2019 by Lost Earth Adventures

6 of the best! Our pick of Pokhara’s best places to eat

If you’ve never had Nepali food, you’re missing out. The team at Lost Earth Adventures have eaten at just about every restaurant in Pokhara, Nepal’s second city. From sumptuous fish dishes to tasty pizza, the city gives lots of choice on where to eat and drink. We’ve compiled our list of the six best eateries you should go to when exploring Pokhara. Let’s go!


Best for Western food…

Moondance best restaurants in Pokhara

This upbeat and modern restaurant has the perfect atmosphere for a Western-style meal. Catch it at a quieter time and you’ll enjoy al fresco dining with a view on their beatific balcony. Like many of Pokhara’s restaurants, all of their produce is sourced locally, which means fresh food. Super fresh!

Their Rainbow Trout from the nearby Phewa Lake and fresh vegetables from the surrounding patches are a delightful change to all that Dal Bhat.

However, it’s the super, super-tasty Lemon Honey Grilled Chicken that always get us salivating. Throw in a range of cocktails and happy hour and the post-trek relaxation quickly gets into full swing.

Check out the full menu at Moondance.

Rosemary Kitchen

Best for fresh, locally-sourced food…

Rosemary Kitchen places to eat in Pokhara

Being so close to Phewa Lake certainly has its benefits. If you read our Best Restaurants in Kathmandu blog, you’ll know that Rosemary Kitchen has branches in both cities, but its Pokhara branch is famous for its fresh fish dishes!

Rosemary Kitchen do things their own way. Think of them as a hybrid Western/Nepali restaurant. They source the best-quality local ingredients and their food is some of the best in all of Nepal.

Over the years, we’ve had lots of Chef’s Specials that change regularly. We’d genuinely recommend every one of these. The selection of French and Spanish wine is also a big plus. A double thumbs up from us!

Which dish would you choose? Pick your favourites from Rosemary Kitchen’s menu.

Busy Bee Cafe

Best for music-loving foodies…

Busy Bee Cafe best cafes in Pokhara

Nestled just a stone’s throw away from Phewa Lake, Busy Bee Cafe’s tagline is ‘a place like nowhere else‘, and they’re not wrong.

You can enjoy international cuisine surrounded by some of the best bands in Nepal who play here most nights. It’s rightly considered the premier place to play outside of Kathmandu.

We’re a big fan of their pizzas but strongly recommend trying as many of the dishes on their menu as you can. Trekking the Himalaya is rewarding but it can also be gruelling. We know more than most. There’s no better way to wind down than with pizza, beers and, if your legs aren’t like jelly from all that hiking (or beer), a little jive on the dance floor. No cameras, please!

Sounds tasty, right? See the full Busy Bee Cafe menu.

Godfather’s Pizzeria

Best for… pizza!

Pizza at Godfather's Pizzeria in Pokhara

We do like Busy Bee Cafe’s pizza, don’t get us wrong. But Godfather’s Pizzeria has simply the best pizza in Pokhara.

Technically, there are two branches in Pokhara, both of which are just a short walk from the lake. You’ll probably be most impressed by the range of pizza on offer here. Even if you’re not weary from the trekking, it’ll take you a long while to choose which one to stump for.

Our personal favourite is the Godfather Special, packed with (again) super-fresh ingredients. Both restaurants also cater for vegetarians and, to make matters even more complicated, there’s a devilishly long list of desserts on offer. We’re drooling just remembering those Ice Cream Sundaes.

What would you choose from Godfather’s Pizzeria?

The Harbor

Best for fine dining…

Fine dining meal at The Harbor best restaurants in Pokhara

Located within Glacier Hotel, The Harbor was founded by an Australian chef and has gone on to serve some of the highest-quality food in all of Nepal.

The restaurant specialises in Mediterranean dishes but there are options for all, with a delightful range of Nepali favourites and a dessert menu to get you thinking.

Some of the standout dishes include the Moroccan Goat Ribs, Beef Bourguignon and Portuguese Spiced Chicken. You could also plump for an Australian steak or choose from a great selection of cocktails. Naturally, expect to pay a little more at The Harbor. The locale, decor, ingredients, even the cutlery demand a respect for fine dining that’s a little bit closer to home than most restaurants in Nepal, but it’s well worth the treat after a hard week of trekking. You deserved this one!

Check out what’s the flavour of the week from The Harbor’s menu.

Himalayan Java Coffee

Best for… coffee!

Himalayan Java Coffee house best cafes in Pokhara

If climbing mountains, dealing with altitude, eating Dal Bhat and carrying your day bag all day has got you craving coffee, you’re in luck. The guys at Himalayan Java Coffee know what good coffee tastes like and show great pride in satisfying those urges!

They don’t stop there, though. There’s also a great selection of tasty treats with the brownies a particular highlight. Milkshakes, fruit juices and splendid views of Phewa Lake will leave you feeling invigorated to explore more of this wonderful city.

Choose your cup of joe from Himalayan Java’s menu.

Tantalise those taste buds

We’re Nepal experts and our team have spent years living and eating in this beautiful city. Our trips are much more than simply treks, they are tours of this great nation. Trust us, food is a big part of the experience. Find a trek for you and discover what you’ll see, do and eat. If you have something else planned or have a specific question, just call us on 01904 500 094 or email us.

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