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The Story of Pasang

Posted on: May 21st, 2015 by Lost Earth Adventures

How We Can Help Rebuild: Pasang Tamang’s Story

Langtang before earthquake
Pasang is from Langtang Village and ran a teahouse with his family in Kiangin Gompa – the last settlement, high up in the Langtang Valley at 3900m.

For over 5 years, we’ve had the pleasure of bringing our trekking guests to stay with Pasang and his family, welcomed with open arms into their guesthouse and home.

On the 25th April, on the day of the devastating earthquake, Pasang’s life changed forever. Thankfully, Pasang survived, but he has lost his mother, father and uncles and aunts. His guesthouse and his home were completely destroyed. The village of Kiangin Gompa has seen 80% destruction and the village of Langtang is completely decimated. It simply does not exist anymore.

Pasang is now homeless, staying in communal tents in the grounds of a Kathmandu Monastery/Gompa with hundreds of other survivors from the Langtang Valley. No family, no home, no roof over his head.

earthquake in Langtang Valley
He and countless others have a long road ahead. But we, with your support can help! Lost Earth Adventures and our not-for-profit Share the Load Foundation are raising funds to support the people of the Langtang Valley and other, remote mountain communities.

100% of funds will directly go to rebuilding schools, health posts and permanent structures, as well as providing short-term immediate relief.

Pasang and the people of the Langtang want nothing more than to go back to their homeland and to rebuild. The Langtang people depend on trekking as their source of income. We can’t wait to trek again and bring people back to this beautiful part of the Himalaya.

We asked Pasang to share his story with you, in his own words.


Temporary camp in Kathmandu
My name is Pasang Tamang I was born at Langtang village of Nepal which stand on altitude of 3900m. I was happy to be boy from Langtang. My father used to own small lodge so I used to work there.

It was 25th of April 2015 as I notice weather today was different then usual days, dark morning with foggy all over, I didn’t notice how time passes, like wise, it was already 11 am of day I was just having talk with my guest from our lodge. Then I decided to prepare lunch for guest I was just about to step in our kitchen I feel something is shaking then I made all my guest to move at open ground and at last I also move there as it was earthquake.

It was shaking very badly then stone from my house start falling down I was like mad for moment. I thank god as earthquake stopped.

Just two minute after earth quake I saw really big avalanche coming from mountain toward us. I don’t know what to do I just run hard but who can challenge with avalanche so I just made mind that now I m gonna stop I gave up with my life I stay on front of big stone praying to God that let me die peacefully.

After almost 3 minute Avalanche was gone and luckily I was alive I can’t believe it.

homeless in langtang
Every people who are saved start yelling and crying my mind was no working I was just blind I walk to my lodge but everything was gone nothing was left so I walk away from there, rolling million drop of tear from my eyes to know how are my parents, who used to live at next village.

I was mad and broken but was able to take step forward hoping that my parents are alive.

I could not sleep. Whole night outside with no roof, hungry stomach but reason why I was not able to sleep was not because of outside with no roof or my hungry stomach but about my loss and about my parents whether they are fine or not.

It was 5 at morning everyone was sleeping I just made walk near where my lodge used to be I spent hours of time thinking about my pass days which I made at my lodge that happiness and love moment I am so unlucky that I lost such from me.

Langtang Valley devastation
After a while me and few people we decided to go to village where my father mother and rest parents was, after walk for 2 hour we were at that village but there was no one, it was just silent, no single house was standing and was strange that I even can’t find house where my my parents used to be, beautiful village was just like desert!!

I can’t imagine how I felt at that time I have no word to express. I was left alone with no one, nothing, I don’t know how to control my own mind and heart.

I was just thinking it was just a dream and waiting for morning to come but it was not.

After three week stay at Langtang government request us to come to Kathmandu then we came to Kathmandu with no bag luggage nothing empty hand.

Pasang Tamang

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