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Nepal Update

Posted on: September 19th, 2015 by Lost Earth Adventures

Post earthquake report from our man on the ground

Streets of Kathmandu
Lost Earth Adventures’ Founder Richard Goodey has just landed in Kathmandu for pre-season checks and has good news to report:

As our plane flew over Kathmandu I scanned the city expecting to see widespread devastation. I was surprised that from the air I couldn’t actually pick out any damaged buildings. Once the plane had landed I went out with my camera to see how the nation’s capital has coped with such a large earthquake.

Rickshaw Nepal
In a few hours of walking I only saw one building that had collapsed and many happy people going about their daily lives. It seems life here is back to normal, in the capital anyways. Over the next 3 months I will be exploring the trekking trails and far outlying corners of the country making a video diary and updating this blog about how the Himalayan nation is recovering.

We will be helping to re-build by funding the development of a school with money raised through our Share the Load Foundation. The biggest difference I have seen so far is empty hotels and a very quiet Kathmandu airport. Sadly we were the only foreign plane on the runway.

I will be checking updates and local news on the Langtang and Manaslu trekking routes over the next few days and will be reporting here. You can read more information on Nepal trekking routes in an article I wrote for the British Mountaineering Council on their website.

Click on the arrows to see the photograph’s I snapped around Kathmandu
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