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Nepal Earthquake Relief

Posted on: April 29th, 2015 by Lost Earth Adventures

Help is on the Way

Lost Earth Adventures has matched the funds with our not-for-profit organisation, The Share the Load Foundation and has sent £1300 to Nepal. The money will directly go to providing a truck full of supplies to the Langtang Valley, a remote part of the country in desperate need of relief and aid. The truck is due to reach the Langtang tomorrow.

Update on this Post

We sent the £1300 to our friend Jenny Caunt who lives in Nepal. Jenny is a friend of ours and has been working tirelessly to help the local people. Well done Jenny and co.

This work is on-going and we still need your help. If you would like to donate money to help build a school that was destroyed, please visit our Share the Load Foundation’s page and click ‘Donate’.

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