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Grief Encounter charity trek raises thousands

Posted on: January 13th, 2020 by Lost Earth Adventures

Climbing Snowdon for charity raises more than £22,000

Fun fundraising ideas hiking Snowdon at night
Last September, we helped Grief Encounter, a charity which helps children overcome bereavement, conquer two of their greatest fears in a thrilling charity challenge.

As though climbing all 1,085m of Snowdon – the tallest mountain in England and Wales – wasn’t quite daunting enough, the daring fundraisers took on the behemoth in the dead of night, with nothing but their head torches and the starlight leading the way.

The thrilling Snowdon by Starlight trek sees you climb, scramble and hike to reach the summit, with staggeringly beautiful vistas stretching far and wide across the UK.

Grief Encounter charity raises money by climbing Snowdon
It was a test of nerve and steel just as much as of stamina and endurance. Climbing your way across the rocky terrain of the famed mountain is like nothing else we offer.

Nic Marks, Grief Encounter’s event organiser, was ecstatic with the efforts all round.

“It was a fantastic weekend”, Nic said, “and we have not stopped talking about it.”

Of course, both the technical ascent of the journey and the unparalleled sensation of reaching the summit are two elements, but it’s the fuel behind them that truly made the difference. The fundraising event made £22,886 in total, a remarkable effort from the incredible 24 ladies who took on the challenge.

Snowdon hike for charity Grief Encounter team

It goes to show that if you’re stuck for fun and adventurous fundraising ideas, charity walks, hikes and climbs are not only challenging and exciting events, but they usually garner huge results in your fundraising efforts – that’s what matters, after all.

Take a look at all our charity challenges or chat with our friendly team and we’ll help you arrange a charity event like no other.

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