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Filming for the National Trust at Brimham Rocks

Posted on: July 18th, 2012 by Lost Earth Adventures

Lights, Camera… Action!

Lost Earth Adventures got a taste of Hollywood last weekend as we were privileged to partake in a film for the National Trust. The film is to showcase the awesome outdoor adventures you can have at National Trust locations throughout Yorkshire and includes rock climbing!

The personable and professional crew at Classlane Media that were behind the making of the film ensured they filmed our best sides as we and our clients got vertical, rock climbing and abseiling at Brimham Rocks.

Guide, Richard Goodey even got to use the GoPro head cam as he climbed up and abseiled down a classic Brimham Rocks route!

The weird and wonderful rock formations of Brimham Rocks, coupled with the area’s outstanding beauty is the perfect natural stage for an adventurous day out (and indeed a fun and exciting day of filming)!

We’re looking forward to seeing the finished film and can’t wait to share it with you!

Lost Earth Adventures provides exhilarating days out, rock climbing, abseiling, hiking and gorge walking throughout Yorkshire and the UK.

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