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Stand Up Paddle Boarding Courses

Yorkshire and Peak District SUP Instruction

Skills Courses, Safety Training, Taster Sessions and Experience Days

Person Stand Up Paddle Boarding

SUP courses and fun days out to suit all skill levels, suitable for both groups and individuals.

Read through the courses/experiences below and get in touch with us on 01904 500094 or if you have any questions.

Ladies learning to stand up paddleboard

Open Group Event

We tailor these to the group but generally we spend the first half hour learning some skills in the water, then travel around as a group unless there is a big difference in abilities. If the weather is OK or we have larger groups needing more than one instructor we’ll split the group. If not, we will stick together but there is scope for adventurous folk to get some distance in while the more apprehensive can get the attention they’d like. No previous experience is needed.


Ladies learning to stand up paddleboard

Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Join us for a paddle! No previous experience is needed and can be enjoyed by all ages, abilities and fitness levels. We’ll have a short safety brief, talk through how the equipment works, ensure it’s fitted correctly and get out on the water. Confident parties may get to grips fairly quickly and we’ll go for an explore. Others may wish to focus on learning techniques so we will tailor the activity to the group.


A person learning to stand up on a paddle board

Beginner / Intro Course

Half-Day OR 1-DAY
If your aim is to eventually go SUPing on your own, this introductory SUP course is an essential first step to becoming a paddle boarder. This course will cover:

  • Paddling techniques
  • How objects and other users in the water affect our trip
  • The effects of wind and weather and best sources for forecasts
  • Reducing our impact on the environment
  • Safely land or dismount in planned and unplanned situations
  • Retrieving a lost paddle and carrying the board
  • Releasing from your leash in an emergency
  • Techniques to get back to land or on the board if you come off


Climbing up a caving ladder

Intermediate SUP Course

1-Day or 2-Days
This course is an ideal progression from our beginner course and is designed for those with the hunger to explore waterways by themselves. This does not have any course pre-requisites and is tailored to you. This course could cover:

  • Basic emergency procedures and safety kit
  • Self-rescue techniques
  • Different launch sites and the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Advanced mounting and dismounting situations
  • Learn the support available in emergencies and how to call it
  • Safety kit and communication equipment
  • Towing a deflated or damaged SUP
  • Assessing water quality and licences or permits required
  • Learn a variety of strokes to maintain tracking and manoeuvrability
  • Advice on purchasing equipment and your next steps


SUPing with lots of equipment

Advanced SUP Course

1-Day, 2-Days or 3-Days
For those ready to start venturing off on your own or on bigger trips. This course does not have any pre-requisites and is tailored to you. This course could cover:

  • Learning about touring and journeying
  • Dealing with Hypothermia and Hyperthermia and other injuries
  • Using our board to rescue and retrieve an unconscious casualty
  • Changing your stance with different conditions
  • How would we deal with your leash breaking
  • Being aware of upcoming hazards and dealing with them
  • How we identify safe bodies of water to paddle on
  • Considerations when progressing to moving water or canals
  • Advanced manoeuvres such as step back pivot turns
  • Maintaining your kit
  • Planning a trip taking into account weather, flow, tide and 3rd parties


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