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Laos Nam Tha Explorer

Authentic Adventure Tour Through the Mountains of Northern Laos

10-day Multi-Activity Holiday in the Golden Triangle

laos nam tha explorer
Discover Luang Prabang, which, with its world-class night market and charming streets, continues to be a perennial favourite. Venture to the enchanting Kuang Si Waterfalls and swim in its refreshing and vibrant turquoise pools. Be in awe of the towering limestone mountains surrounding Nong Khiaw and travel the rivers of this beautiful landlocked country. Explore the wild and diverse terrain of the Nam Ha Protected Area, trekking and paddling through a region with over 24 ethnic groups and a fantastic array of flora and fauna. Visit the dramatic caves inhabited by hundreds of locals during the “Secret War” and be immersed in the relaxed, welcoming Laos way of life. This is a stunning part of the world and one of the last untouched destinations, not to be missed!

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