Organising a Fundraising Event

How to Raise Money and Promote a Fundraiser

UK Charity Abseil

Just P.R.O.M.O.T.E.


  • Where are you holding your event?
  • What size space will you need?
  • Do you need to reserve a room?
  • Do you need to pay for room/equipment hire?
  • Do you need prizes? It is possible to get prizes for free from businesses by promoting businesses either by holding your event in their venue or promoting the business on your social media fundraising page or contacting the press and mentioning the generosity of donors or by giving the business a mention at the event.

Open to everyone

  • Make sure the event is at a time where more people can come, people are more likely to come on bank holidays or weekends than a week night.

Advertise your event anywhere you can, for example:

  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Social Media
  • Start a blog


  • Take note of the people who are attending, think about ways you can attract the same people back and possibly include a wider audience for a future event.
Boy abseiling in Peak District
  • Don’t forget to tell everyone about your fundraising total. People will be interested to know your progress and might be encouraged to be more generous.
  • If you work for a company, it’s always worth finding out if they will match a donation – it is good promotion for them.


  • The most important element of a successful event is that it must be enjoyable, people having fun will be more inclined to donate more money.
  • If your event is a success people will tell their friends and family, meaning more promotion for your challenge and more donations.

For more ways to raise money for your chosen charity visit our fundraising tips page.

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