Mountain Bike Courses in Yorkshire and the Peak District

Why mountain bike skills coaching?

Mountain Bike Course
Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to your mountain biking skills? Are you getting bored of riding the same trail and seeing the same things? Do you want to challenge yourself and learn some new mountain biking skills? Do you want to try something different? Do you want to move forward to the next level?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then look no further: you have come to the right place. Our mountain bike courses and coaching have been designed with you in mindb. Our experienced coaches will help you improve every aspect of your trail riding and instil the confidence necessary for you to move forward on your own. Whatever your mountain biking level, we will challenge it and help you push yourself to the max.

Our courses can be tailored to groups and individuals and as long as we know your level and your aims we can organise something to match. Whether you want a full throttle exhilarating adrenalin raising experience or a more gentle cruise session just let us know. We also offer courses which concentrate on the technical skills needed to manage your mountain bike on a variety of terrain, in a variety of conditions, tricky corners and the occasional cheeky rock that gets in your way. No matter what, we have something for you!

Please choose from the following courses

Private Guided Courses

Our private guided sessions will be tailored for you and your group, giving you the freedom and flexibility to make your day your own. We can cover any aspect of mountain biking you desire. You will have your own personal qualified and insured instructor for the day trained to MIAS level 2 minimum and have many years of experience under their belt. Most of our instructors have competed across the world and we regularly run guided bike trips to the Himalaya. We have the Nepalese downhill champion on our team! Read about the skills courses here and about our guides here.

Fundamentals Of Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking Yorkshire Dales
No experience is required on this course. If you are starting from scratch, have a little experience, or are getting back in the saddle and feel a little rusty, then this is the course for you. We will provide you with expert guidance and some useful tips to help you get the most out of yourselves, your bike and your mountain biking experience.

This course aims at improving technical skills and giving you the best starting point for you to push forward on your own and have the confidence necessary to take to the trails without us (if you would like of course). Otherwise please take a look at the more advanced courses we offer, our guided rides and weekends away.

Our expert guides are patient, friendly and they are determined to get the best out of you. Above all, we want you to enjoy your mountain biking experience and this course is designed to be a fun day out! You also don’t need a bike for this course as you can rent one from us. The course will look at the basic techniques and teach you how to handle your bike so that you feel confident in the knowledge that you control your bike – not the other way round! We will teach you all the little things that after years of experience we know to make a big difference to your speed, cornering and control. We will look at your body position, braking and gear changing and guide you through the most efficient and effective techniques. Whilst we have a whole heap of things we want to teach you, we will move through them at a pace you feel happy with. We want you to leave this course excited, raring to go and ready for your next mountain bike ride.

Your course will cover:

  • Body position
  • Dynamic weight shifts
  • Effective braking
  • Negotiating obstacles on the trail
  • Cornering skills
  • Negotiating steep terrain
  • Bike set-up, maintenance and safety checks
  • Develop understanding of core principles
  • Learn the basic techniques
  • Punctures, fixes
  • Correct and efficient use of gears
  • Develop confidence on your bike
  • Mountain bike safety

Intermediate Skills Courses

Yorkshire Dales Bike Skills
Our intermediate courses are suitable for more confident riders and those who want to concentrate on the more technical aspects of mountain biking or improve their key skills in difficult terrain. We will not only build on your existing skills and provide you with new ones, but also to boost your confidence so that you feel capable of trying the more technical trails for yourself. We will show you how to tackle steeper gradients, challenging terrain and tricky corners.

We will teach you the skills needed to exert greater control over your bike and to negotiate trail obstacles with confidence and ease.

You will leave the course with a battery of techniques including efficient braking, cornering, speed control and energy management in order to make your rides run as smooth as possible. The course is fun, exhilarating and high energy. We want you to develop the confidence to climb and descend quickly and safely and to tackle a variety of gradients and terrains. By the end of the course we want you to cycle away being able to negotiate obstacles with skill, style and confidence. If you think that all sounds a little technical we throw in a few tricks, bunny hops and rock gardens for good measure.

Your course will cover:

  • Enhancing skills
  • Footwork, body position and vision
  • Speed control and energy management
  • Navigation
  • Applying skills to challenging environment
  • Confident climbing and descending
  • Efficient braking and cornering techniques
  • Key physical and mental skills
  • Manualing
  • Drop offs and step ups
  • Bunny hops
  • Rock gardens
  • Learning advanced techniques

Advanced Coaching Courses

Advanced Mountain Bike Skills
Our advanced course is designed for the experienced mountain biker. We will concentrate on building on your existing skills and offer advice as to any areas of improvement or any areas that could be tweaked to bring you to the top of your game. Many experience bikers have picked up the odd bad habit and we will keep an eye out for these and eradicate them if necessary.

This advanced course will not only provide you with a challenging exciting day out but will also give you the knowledge and techniques necessary to be able to confidently handle difficult terrain. We will concentrate on both the mental and physical skills needed for high grade mountain biking trails.

Through understanding the key principles of successful manoeuvring on challenging surfaces and unforgiving terrain you will be able to confidently face the trails and trials ahead. If you let us know what you are looking for, how you wish to improve and what you aim to achieve in the course, we will tailor the course to suit your needs. Please consult the list below to see if there is anything that takes your interest:

  • Specialist tuition
  • Key physical and mental skills
  • Line choice and vision
  • Riding position
  • Riding single track and tree routes
  • Bigger drop offs and step ups
  • Steeper and rockier ascending/descending techniques
  • Faster cornering, berms and off camber
  • Choosing/picking your line through rock gardens
  • Floating quickly over broken terrain
  • Jumping
  • Tricks

What Our Guests Say

Mountain Biking Near Hathersage
“Attended a fantastic mountain biking course yesterday. The whole day was catered to my individual needs (I wanted to be able to deliver core skills to junior school children) My guide Richard was extremely knowledgeable, professional and the whole day was both informative and a lot of fun! I left feeling that I could confidently deliver these skills to our children. I would also like to add that the day was incredibly good value, given the time and effort that goes into this kind of course.”

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