Heli Biking Nepal

Helicopter Accessed Mountain Bike Tours

Unlimited Chopper Uplift in the Nepalese Himalaya


The biggest bucket list tick!
Our exclusive heli-biking trips are the ultimate in luxury. For small groups who wish to ride together, you will have an exclusive helicopter and a guide at your disposal. We will customise your trip to meet your every need but generally you’ll be staying in the best hotels, eating the best food, riding the best trails and our staff will be going out of their way to ensure you have whatever you want, when you want.
Unlimited flowing lines and endless single track, Nepal has the biggest mountains in the world and our guides are riding these mountains day in, day out exploring and finding endless downhill trails. Once in the sky your guide will show you the lines on offer and you and your friends can choose what face or ridge you want to run, then tell the pilot where to land.

Available out of Kathmandu or Pokhara.

Inside a Helicopter


Unlimited use of the Helicopter for:
  • 1 hour: £3,500
  • 6 hours: £17,000
  • 8 hours: £21,000
  • Guide included
  • Bike hire; full suspension Trance X 3’s: £50 per day
  • Hotels, food and transport costs are dependant on what you require

The amount of fly time and meters of ascent/descent will vary dramatically on what you want to do. For example you may choose to fly to 4000m and spend 2-3 days descending remote terrain with a mixture of pushing, riding and challenging descents or you may wish to shuttle back and forth on smaller peaks getting optimum downhill time, slamming lines then straight back to the top. Guide price for a drop to a premium 4000m location would be around 1.5hrs fly time.

The helicopters seat a maximum of 6 people without bikes. If there is 6 of you the bikes would be flown separately. If there is 12 of you it would need to shuttle you all back and forth. We can of course supply you with 2 or more helicopters if you prefer. We keep our pricing simple; the heli is yours to do what you want with it for the hours you book. We recommend having a talk through the options so we can make the most of your fly time and budget.

Please contact us and ask to speak to Richard to discuss how we can create your dream experience.

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