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Volunteer in Nepal with No Charge

Our Volunteer Programs are Free

We believe at Lost Earth Adventures that volunteering is not something you should pay to do. If you want to volunteer at the school then contact us and we’ll arrange to get you out to the school and looked after by a local family. The school needs many things one of which is a good lick of paint to make it a nicer environment to learn. They could also do with some book cases and other furniture like tables and desks.

If you’re good with your hands then you’d be a great help! If you can teach English that would also be another great help. Maybe you’re a doctor that would like to trek between the remote villages offering assistance? Or perhaps you are an IT expert who has a dozen old laptops kicking around that you could donate to the school, then spend a week teaching them how to use them. You’d need to be patient though as electricity is pretty unreliable. Maybe you’d like to help install the water pump when we get it.

Where is the School?

The Mandali Primary School is in Baluwa which is in the district of Gorkha where the famous Gorkha soldiers originate. Baluwa is about 6 hours from Kathmandu and a 2 hours drive from Gorkha Bazaar. It is very remote but in a beautiful place in the Himalayan foothills. Baluwa has outstanding views across the Himalaya including Manaslu the worlds eighth highest mountain and also the colossal 7500 meter high expanse of the Ganesh Himal range. It is also a good place to start the Manaslu Circuit or some lower cultural treks. Please see the map below.

Gorkha Map

Where will I Stay?

You will stay either with the Headmaster or one of the teachers at their home. There is no hotel in Baluwa, the nearest hotel is at Gorkha Bazaar 2 hours drive away.

How Much will it Cost?

You will have to pay $15 USD per day for food and accommodation and you will have to pay for transport to get to the school from Kathmandu. Transport is either $10 USD each way via public bus or around $200 each way via private jeep. There is also a charge of $50 USD to cover airport transfers, a guide to meet you and administration costs. The $15 a day goes directly to your host for paying to accommodate you. Lost Earth Adventures does not make any profit from our volunteer program.

Is Volunteering for Me?

Please contact us for details about accommodation, food provisions, work details and any other information you require.

More Information

For more information about the Mandali Primary School please visit our charity page where you can see some videos and pictures, find out about our other charity work, and how you can donate.

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