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There are a rich variety of caving experiences on offer in Derbyshire to suit many abilities. However for those that want to push themselves, in each cave we visit there are a variety of optional challenges to test your skills.

Carlswark Cavern

Carlswalk Cave

Carlswark Cavern is a set of winding tunnels and passageways carved out into the limestone bedrock. It is home to the Oyster Chamber, which holds large brachiopod marine shell fossils. For those that would like to, we can start our adventure with an exciting abseil descent from the surface. We will explore the passageways below and eventually arrive back at the surface further down the valley. A great caving experience!


Peak Cavern

Peak Cavern, also known as the Devil’s Arse, is entered via a giant cleft in the valley wall. On the hillside above stands Peveril Castle. The cave is owned by the Queen of England, and the entrance is a vast chamber that used to be a ropery.

It is now a show cave that still has equipment used in making ropes. We pass through the show cave to enter the cave proper. It’s time to get really wet and muddy as we negotiate many passage ways and follow the streams underground.

It’s an incredibly varied cave system with passageways that a double decker bus could fit inside. Much deeper into the cave holds the Titan Chamber, the deepest shaft in the UK at 141 metres.


Giant’s Hole

Carlswalk Cave

Giant’s Hole has large passageways and stream ways with much to explore.

We will descend underground to visit the impressive chamber and waterfall of Garland’s Pot.

For those on the vertical cave trips we will abseil into Garland’s Pot and continue following the stream way.

We will venture along passages such as Crab Walk and the Giant’s Windpipe and make a round trip circuit before ascending back up Garland’s Pot, returning to the surface.


Bagshawe Cavern

This is an extensive cave system with many fine calcite formations. Our trip starts in the upper section show cave passing by calcite features such as the ‘Elephant’s Throat’ and ‘Chandler’s Shop’.

Then it’s time for the adventure to really start as we venture into the adventurous lower parts of the cave. There are many optional challenges to try such as ‘Mouse Hole’ and ‘The Masher’. We will finally enter the large cavern known as ‘The Hippodrome’

Those on vertical trips can descend into ‘The Dungeon’ and travel much further into the cave.


Vertical Caves in the Peak District


For those wanting more we also offer vertical caving experiences, abseiling into huge chambers and traversing above underground waterfalls. These are truly epic experiences hidden underground. Together with Lost Earth Adventures we will choose the cave experience that will best suit you.

Discover our vertical cave adventures

Map of Peak District Caving Locations


Distances to Cave Venues in the Peak District

The caves venues in the Peak District are close to Castleton, Buxton and Bradwell.

Peak Cavern, Giants Hole, P8 Jackpot, Horseshoe / Suicide Cave
These caves are close to Castleton, only 30 minutes from Sheffield and approximately 1 hour from the M1, Manchester and the M6.

Bagshawe Cavern
Bagshawe Cavern is close to Bradwell only 30 minutes from Sheffield and approximately 40 minutes from the M1.

Carlswark Cavern
Calswark Cavern is near to Stoney Middleton, Hathersage, Bakewell, Buxton and Eyam. This region is only 30 minutes from Sheffield and the M1.

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