Canoeing in the Peak District

Canoeing Courses and Experience Days

The Peak District offers remarkable views and outstanding limestone structures. Nestled within the woodlands, Combs Reservoir is a beautiful stretch of water perfect for canoeing. Join us as we take in the breathtaking views and master the art of the open canoe.

This location suits all abilities and is also where we’ll deliver canoe courses, with ample space for large school groups. If you are accustomed to canoeing, we can also instruct you in earning your Canoe Awards at Combs Reservoir.

For course or experience options, other locations, prices, dates and more information please visit our main canoeing page.

Combs Reservoir

Ideal for individuals, small family groups and larger groups such as schools and cadets, Combs Reservoir offers all you need whether you’re a newbie or are used to the paddle.

You’ll learn about specific canoeing techniques, practise your new skills and, for those who have canoed before, our instructors can help you master your technique. Canoeing in the Peak District is fun and exciting. We’re sure you’ll love it.

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Please visit our main canoeing page.

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