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Why outdoor activities are great for team building

Posted on: November 24th, 2019 by Lost Earth Adventures

The secret behind corporate success

Team-building, efficiency and improvement

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There’s that old adage that even the best product in the world won’t sell itself. It needs to be supported by a solid team who work together.

Almost every corporate sector relies on teamwork, but what does this really mean? What are the traits of an effective team? Do people work better in a team than others? And can you coach teamwork? Read on as we reveal all.

Tracing an effective team

Caving team building activity
According to a study by Mckinsey, 97% of employees and executives believe a lack of alignment impacts the outcomes of a task or project.

If you’re a business owner or manager, do you know how well aligned to your goal your employees are?

Having clear missions and communicating them effectively is arguably the key point to get right.

How can employees work together with you and fellow employees if they don’t know the end goal, the overall strategy?

Think of teams that work in high-pressure environments, like firefighters, military units and sports teams. Before each event or mission, they have a clear goal or strategy, understand their own roles and the roles of members of their team, and communicate during the event or mission until the goal is reached. Sounds simple, right?

Well, you already know it’s not. Every team has room for improvement and teams that improve are teams that actively seek out improvements. Words like trust and integrity are not just corporate dung, they’re a huge part of how every team needs to operate. If your team isn’t honest with itself, it won’t develop. It won’t flourish. It won’t succeed.

Remember, it’s like what former Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, said: if you’re not going forwards, you’re moving backwards. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, Mr. Gorbachev.

How do you improve teamwork?

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Teamwork starts at the top of the pyramid, since it’s these people who hire them. But when you employ a person, how much of your decision is based on their individual abilities or experiences? How much do you genuinely consider how they’ll fit into your team? Are they team players?

Improving your team is about honing the things we’ve said above. Have clear goals, make trust and integrity a part of your ethos. Communicate. Social events are always a good way to stitch a team closer together while forms of engagement help fill in any cracks. You could create open or anonymous questions to allow team members to have their say or organise a team-building session like our Leadership & Team Development days.

Gorge walking business team activity

Best team-building activities?

These adventurous activities are designed to encourage teamwork, leadership and motivation. We’ve organised such events for some of the largest UK companies.

Adding a sense of challenge to the event certainly spices things up, essentially forcing teamwork to come to the fore.

Our Wild Survivor challenge is the perfect example of this. We take your team out into the wilderness and you have to find your own way back to civilisation.

Honing leadership may be on the agenda and a cryptic adventure race is all about problem-solving, planning and having fun. Teams undertake various tasks and make their way through the course.

Sometimes, the size of your team dictates what you can do. Activities like gorge walking, rock climbing and caving are great for smaller groups. Not only are they great fun, but by belaying, leading and assisting each other, team members must work together even in tight spaces.

Of course, team-building can have a dual-purpose. If you want to partake in a team-building activity, why not take on a challenge like the Yorkshire 3 Peaks and raise money for a charity your team cares about? It’s a great way to fundraise, helps bring your team together and can also fuse your business with the local community or charity.

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