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Testing Mountain Bike Trails in Nepal

Posted on: April 5th, 2012 by Lost Earth Adventures

Guide and founder Richard Goodey bikes some of the best trails in the country with Nepal’s pro riders in the foothills of the Himalayas. Read this blog to see how he got on.

I do not feel too bad lazing around today as I drink my freshly pressed apple juice sitting in a lakeside café, in the small town of Pokhara. I’m listening to the sounds of Neplali music drifting across the sleepy waters and it’s nice to sit back, relax and enjoy this wonderfully, laid back town. The last few days have been hectic riding some of the best Himalayan single track with great friends and some of Nepal’s most talented riders.

We took a deviation from our usual Journey to the Top of the World route and tested some new trails that provide a great alternative for those who want to push it and don’t mind working for their descents. We were accompanied by Nepali Downhill Champ Raj Kumar and Cross country Champ Santosh Rai. These guys know the area like the backs of their hands and were more than keen to show their skills and knowledge of their own backyard! We found some fierce technical descents and the day’s pace was kept fast. In my attempts at keeping up with the pros I ended up straight over the handlebars loosing my skin and bits of my pride all over one of the footpaths that serve as trading routes for the settlements hidden across the Himalaya! After my tumble I decided to ride by the motto that decorates every truck across the Indian subcontinent of ‘Slow Drive Long Life’!

This new route still stops at Rupa View Guest House as we have decided this spot is unmissable!  The mountain biking here is totally undeveloped in this part of world and it really is good to be working with people that are pioneering new routes and have the passion and the will power to explore deeper and further into the untamed wilderness that exists out here.

This trip, experiencing new routes in the foothills of Himalayas has got me even more stoked for the spring season that lies ahead with Lost Earth Adventures! We’ve got a lot more of this to come!

If you like mountain biking or are keen on experiencing an incredible part of the Himalaya than check out details of our Journey to the Top of the World tour and for even more epic pics of Richard’s trip on our Facebook Page.

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