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How to choose the right trek in Nepal

Posted on: January 29th, 2020 by Lost Earth Adventures

Which Nepal trek should I do? A quick guide

Choosing the right Nepal trek
Nepal is rightly considered one of the very best mountaineering locations in the world. Its diverse terrain is like no other place on the planet. Home to the Himalaya mountain range, eight of the tallest ten mountains in the world lie in Nepal, including the daunting Mt. Everest (8,848m) herself.

As with any of our treks, you’ll find yourself marvelling at the sheer height of the peaks that lean over you, the rich cultural mosaic in the villages you’ll explore, and the genuinely staggering landscape all around you.

Classic treks vs. adventure treks

So, the first question to ask yourself is what style of trek is for you? Our classic treks encompass the most famous routes in the Himalaya, often referred to as ‘teahouse trekking’. Teahouse trekking in Nepal means staying in traditional lodges for each night of the trek. On these routes, there’s a clear Western tinge. So you’ll see coffee houses with free Wi-Fi, for instance, and you’ll almost certainly bump into fellow trekkers on these routes.

Our adventure treks are more bespoke and aim to take you off the beaten path onto the road less travelled. Depending on the trek, you might stay in teahouses or traditional camping in a tent. While you might have a little more to carry, these treks are usually much quieter, so there’s a good chance you won’t see any other trekkers on your journey.

Each trek offers unique challenges, views and experiences, so it’s worth considering all our treks before you choose the right one for you. Below, we’ve created a quick outline of some of our favourite treks.

Classic treks

Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp trek
Duration: 16 days
Maximum elevation: 5,364m
Difficulty: Challenging
Overview: Probably the most famous trek in Nepal, Everest Base Camp is the starting point for those attempting Everest proper. Filled with a near limitless amount of photo opportunities, stunning forests and ancient Sherpa villages, this trek is like a window to the top of the world.
Best for: The bucket lister
Explore Everest Base Camp

Annapurna Circuit

Annapurna Circuit Chulu Central crossing tour
Duration: 15 days
Maximum elevation: 5,416m
Difficulty: Challenging
Overview: Often considered one of the greatest treks on the planet, you’ll visit stunning lowlands, towering mountain passes and the world’s deepest gorge, Kali Gandaki. Ancient temples, gigantic icefalls and panoramic views of Nepal’s tallest mountains make this trek worthy of serious consideration.
Best for: Active adventurers
Discover the famed Annapurna Circuit

Annapurna Hike & Bike

Annapurna Hiking and Biking trek Nepal
Duration: 15 days
Maximum elevation: 5,416m
Difficulty: Challenging
Overview: Combine hiking with biking in our famed trek encompassing the very best of the Annapurna region. From sub-tropical to high alpine, semi-desert to the Tibetan plateau, there is no better feeling we know than hiking across the daunting Thorung La Pass before blistering downhill on bike.
Best for: Bike nuts
Saddle up for Annapurna Hike & Bike

Chisopani & Nagarkot

Chisopani and Nagarkot trek Nepal
Duration: 6 days
Maximum elevation: 2,175m
Difficulty: Easy
Overview: This short but sweet trek packs in authentic village life, abundant wildlife and 360 degrees views of the world’s greatest mountains — Manaslu, Annapurna, Everest and more. The stunning Shivapura National Park plays host to birds, monkeys, Asiatic bears, mongoose and the Himalayan pika.
Best for: Wildlife spotters
Spot the Chisopani & Nagarkot trek

Adventure treks

Manaslu Circuit

Manaslu Nepal trek
Duration: 16 days
Maximum elevation: 5,100m
Difficulty: Moderate
Overview: Get up close and personal with the world’s 8th highest mountain. Staying in teahouses, this quiet conservation haven is the home of the snow leopard. You’ll hike across wild rapids, through forests and to monasteries well off the beaten path, soaking up untouched culture as you go.
Best for: Active all-rounders
Explore Manaslu Circuit

Langtang Valley

Langtang Valley trek
Duration: 15 days
Maximum elevation: 4,984m
Difficulty: Moderate
Overview: Probably one of the most stunning treks in Nepal, you’ll sleep in teahouses, eat traditional food, soak up ancient Tamang culture and revel in the secluded and serene Langtang Valley well off the beaten path. Trekking to 5,000m with colossal peaks all around, just don’t forget your camera!
Best for: Culture buffs & snappers
Unearth the beauty of the Langtang

Gosainkunda Lakes & Helambu

Gosainkunda Lakes tour
Duration: 14 days
Maximum elevation: 4,360m
Difficulty: Moderate
Overview: Journey into the unknown and soak up the mystical cultures of Sherpa, Tamang and Newari villages. On this trek, you’ll visit traditional mountain communities, ancient temples and the holy Gosainkunda Lakes, all while 8,000m peaks dominate the landscape around you.
Best for: True ruralists
Explore the Gosainkunda Lakes

Secret Trails of Nar Phu

Nar Phu off the beaten path trek Nepal
Duration: 16 days
Maximum elevation: 5,322m
Difficulty: Challenging
Overview: Get well off the beaten path and immerse yourself in the rugged landscape of the hidden valleys of Nar and Phu. Trek to remote villages and ancient monasteries, soaking up the untouched Tibetan culture as you go. If you want to go somewhere few others have gone, this is the trek for you.
Best for: Ultimate explorers
Discover the secrets of Nar Phu

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