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Adventure Companies

Adventurers trust their partners with their lives, so when we head into the mountains, we do so with the best. They are listed below.

Cotswold Outdoor logo


Cotswold¬†Outdoor is the UK’s leading adventure travel and outdoor retailer. They have been supplying great quality kit for years and they’re our first port of call before any expedition. Any person traveling on our trips is entitled to 15% off their products. Please visit their online store.

Water to Go logo

Water to Go

Water to Go water bottles have a filtration system in the lid, so whether you’re trekking in Nepal or to the summit of Mt Toubkal in Africa, as long as there is a water source you won’t go thirsty. These handy bottles filter 99.9% of microbiological contaminants and if you purchase here then you’ll get a 10% discount.

Berghaus logo


Hard wearing, mountain adventure gear from the UK’s most recognisable adventure brand. Berghaus are our main partners and we quite simply wouldn’t go into the mountains without them.

Think Adventure Logo

Think Adventure

Think Adventure is your online guide for adventure challenges in the UK. They have a handy guide to completing the National Three Peaks Challenge.

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