Responsible Travel

Leave Nothing But Footprints

We understand the impact that tourism can have on the local communities, culture and fragile environments that we are privileged to visit and explore. With this in mind, the ethos of responsible travel has been ingrained in Lost Earth Adventures since the very beginning.

Staff and local partners at home in the UK and abroad are made aware of the importance of responsible and sustainable tourism and encouraged to learn more about ways in which to put these this into practice.

On every trip, we employ a range of local support staff that includes drivers, porters, and local guides. We ensure that they are paid a decent wage and properly equipped to do the job. Whenever possible we stay in locally or family owned accommodation so that money stays in the communities we operate in and strive to purchase locally produced goods and services.

The Environment

We stand by the adage of “leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos” and encourage clients to do the same. Lost Earth Adventures travels through remote, fragile eco-systems and their preservation is of the utmost importance.

We always dispose of our rubbish in an eco-friendly manner and ‘take out, what we put in’. We do not purchase or use firewood in areas where resources are scarce, such as in the Himalayas. When we must use firewood, we obtain it by using fallen branches or driftwood.

Bottled water has an immensely negative impact on the areas we visit, as they are not recyclable. We recommend purchasing water-purifying tablets or a water filter (such as the Water To Go bottle) to treat your drinking water whilst on tour.

The Culture

One of the most fascinating aspects of travel to exotic lands is the experience of being immersed in an entirely new culture, with different values and beliefs. We respect and aim to learn as much as possible about the unique cultures we have the privilege to interact with, passing this knowledge on to our clients.

The Share the Load Foundation

After seeing first hand the poor treatment and conditions porters often work in, we decided to create our own foundation, dedicated to providing proper clothing and equipment for porters, their families and the remote mountain communities we visit.

The Foundation’s aim has now shifted with the aim to develop and contribute to rural mountain communities in the areas of education, infrastructure development and medicine. Past efforts have included bringing running water to Baluwa and re-building the Shree Krishna Primary School (post-2015 earthquake in Nepal) More information about The Share the Load Foundation.

International Porter Protection Group

We are proud to follow the guidelines of the International Porter Protection Group (IPPG). This is an organization dedicated to endorsing the fair treatment of mountain porters worldwide. More information about their philosophy, beliefs and guidelines.

Elephant Trekking

Lost Earth Adventures doesn’t support or condone elephant trekking on any of our tours. You can read about our stance and why we don’t agree with it, as well as some of the issues behind our decision on our blog post.

Responsible Tourism Policy

Please view our Lost Earth Adventures Responsible Tourism Policy PDF for full details.

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