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Volunteering and charitable work in Nepal

Nepalese Children
The Share the Load Foundation began as a way to promote the wellbeing of Himalayan mountain porters and to improve their overall working conditions. Porters form a large part of the backbone of the trekking industry and as a whole is a worthy profession for the many men and women that work in this field.

As our Foundation has progressed our focus has shifted towards development in rural and mountain communities, such as education and infrastructure development, not wholly just the wellbeing of the porter community.

Trekking throughout the Himalaya and through remote villages brings you face to face with harsh mountain living. We decided that we wouldn’t be able to operate as a responsible tour and trekking company without giving back to the communities we love so much.

Nepal Child in SunglassesOur Aims

From the very beginning, we have ensured that our employees and porters and anyone else that we have direct interactions with are treated fairly, looked after well and paid a decent wage. What had started as a company working to the guidelines of the International Porter Protection Group (IPPG) had now turned into a fully blown charity, aptly named The Share the Load Foundation.

Initially our aims were to provide support, clothing and equipment to porters and their families but this has evolved over the course of the last few years.

Our main objective is to work in conjunction with local communities to further their development and to assist with infrastructure development, such as medical facilities and running water pumps and promote viable educational resources. We hope that with your help, we will be able to achieve our goals. This is why for every Holiday to Asia we sell, 1% of the trip price will be donated to our charity.

The Share the Load Foundation are also pleased to be supporting the Mandali Primary School in the remote Nepalese village of Baluwa. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas and in the heart of the Ghorka region, Baluwa is off the beaten track, far from the classic tourist trail. It is also KP’s home village.

Our latest project is to assist in the building of a sustainable water source in Beluwa. Working with locals to achieve this we have raised £1400 in order facilitate this project, but we need £4000 to fulfil our goal. This will have longterm benefits to the community, as they will be involved in its construction and will also learn how to maintain it for future use. Currently the villagers must walk over an hour in each direction for potable water.

How can I volunteer?

poor children

We believe at Lost Earth Adventures that volunteering is not something you should pay to do. If you want to volunteer at the school then contact us and we’ll arrange to get you out to the school and looked after by a local family. The school needs many things one of which is a good lick of paint to make it a nicer environment to learn. They could also do with some book cases and other furniture like tables and desks. If you’re good with your hands then you’d be a great help! If you can teach English that would also be another great help. Maybe you’re a doctor that would like to trek between the remote villages offering assistance? Or perhaps you are an IT expert who has a dozen old laptops kicking around that you could donate to the school, then spend a week teaching them how to use them. You’d need to be patient though as electricity is pretty unreliable. Maybe you’d like to help install the water pump when we get it.

The village is very poor and education is limited so any help would be appreciated. If you’ve got a skill then let us know. When you come to Nepal we’d arrange for you to stay with a local family. You would have to pay a small amount for your board and lodgings and any logistics involved in getting you to the village. Lost Earth Adventures will not take any money for arranging the services and the only people to profit from this will be the school. It will be a highly rewarding experience and you will genuinely be off the beaten track working for a good cause seeing first hand the difference you are making. The people of the Himalaya might be poor but they are the most hard working, friendly and happy people on the planet.

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Mandali School

volunteer nepalLost Earth Adventures and our not-for-profit organisation, The Share the Load Foundation are now pleased to be supporting the Mandali Primary School in the remote Nepalese village of Baluwa. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas and in the heart of the Ghorka region, Baluwa is off the beaten track, far from the classic tourist trail. It is also KP’s home village.

The village is lacking in infrastructure and does not even have running water facilities. Every day villagers must walk for over an hour each way to ensure they have water. The majority of families work as farmers and survive off of as little as £3.50/day. For many, there is no other option but to keep the children from school so that they can work the land. Despite the hardship there is a great sense of community pride, passion and spirit!

The Mandali Primary School, which is the only school in the region, is also in serious need of a library, text books, calculators and the basic supplies needed for children to learn.

The Share the Load Foundation was originally started to distribute clothing, sunglasses and outdoor trekking equipment to our porters, their families and communities while trekking, after seeing first hand the conditions that they so often live in. This grassroots initiative has now expanded to include other deprived areas of Nepal and to not only provide clothing and trekking equipment, but also to assist in the educational development of school children.

Click here to find out how you can volunteer at the school.

How can you help?

nepalese-school-childrenYou can do many things:

• When you come one of our tours please bring any educational supplies, sporting equipment or old clothes with you. Or contact us to see how we can distribute items in Nepal for you.

• Donate money using the donate button below or via BACS payment to Share the Load Foundation, Barclays bank, account number: 40199664, sort code: 209956

What will we use the money for?

The first priority is to install a sustainable water pump in Beluwa. So far we have raised £1400, however we need an additional £4000 to make this a reality.


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Work In Progress

school-nepalWork to date:

April 2012 – Ran a teeth cleaning program at the Mandali Primary School, donated books, pens, sporting equipment and class room materials.

November 2012 – Donated 100 jumpers to help the pupils get through the harsh winter. Took boxes of classroom equipment from our generous donors as well as kitting out 4 porters in high quality outdoor clothing.
2013 – Raised £1400 towards building a sustainable piped water source to the village of Beluwa and distributed countless bags of clothing, school equipment and footwear from our clients.

Work moving forward:

We are beginning construction on the water pump in Beluwa, but we need your help to finish the project. We need to raise a total of £5400 to complete construction.